July 18, 2013

AirParrot for Windows 1.1.5 Update

The latest version of AirParrot for Windows is now available. You can download version 1.1.5 by opening the AirParrot preferences menu and selecting “Check for Updates.” If you enabled the automatic update function, AirParrot will prompt you to update when you launch the application the next time. 

Alternatively, the old version can be removed, and the new version can be downloaded from http://airparrot.com.

AirParrot 1.1.5 for Windows:

  • Provides better stability when enabling audio with a passcode protected Apple TV
  • Provides better support for audio on networks with firewalls
  • Adds support for environments with more than 32 Apple TVs or AirPlay receivers
  • Adds alphabetical sorting of AirPlay receiver list
  • Fixes a crash when selecting an Apple TV in the device list
  • Allows the “enter” key to continue the password prompt
  • Under-the-hood performance and stability enhancements

You can find the full list of changes here.

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