August 19, 2015

Reflector 2 Adds Live YouTube Streaming

YouTube is the online pinnacle of the video world. Tutorials, pranks, Vine compilations, music videos, talk show segments, lectures, GoPro footage, cat clips, documentaries and the list goes on and on and on. Today, we’re adding mobile device live streaming to that list.

Reflector 2 is the world’s first wireless screen-mirroring technology to enable live YouTube streaming. Anything that is displayed on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, Chromebook or Surface tablet can be instantly streamed to YouTube when connected to Reflector 2.

We know what you’re thinking. “That’s cool, but what does it mean for me?”



Teachers can instantly stream a classroom presentation from their mobile device to a live YouTube audience. The YouTube audience can hear what the teacher is saying and see the same content the classroom is viewing from the teacher’s mobile device. Sorry, kids. Being sick is no longer an excuse to miss the lesson.


Uploading gameplay footage to YouTube is one of the latest gaming trends. Now gamers can do it live. The Reflector 2 YouTube live stream feature allows gamers to interact with their audience and put their skills on display to mobile gaming enthusiasts in real time. Yeah, we’re looking at you, Clash of Clans and Game of War fanatics.

Business/Tech/Cat Lady

Business pros can now use Reflector 2 to live stream presentations from their mobile devices to partners across the world. Tech enthusiasts and app reviewers can provide immediate demonstrations and feedback to their audiences. And yes, if absolutely necessary, that crazy cat lady in everyone’s life can instantly stream a video of Mittens the kitten trying to climb the stairs. Ah, the possibilities are endless.


Additional Reflector 2 updates include:

  • Webcam streaming to YouTube – Reflector 2 now supports webcam display alongside mirrored devices! This allows audiences to see a physical object or the presenter’s face during a presentation or YouTube Live broadcast. Users can even record instructional videos that include the webcam and mirrored devices.
  • Recording bar – We moved voice-over controls, recording, broadcasting and webcam controls to an easy-to-find, centralized bar in the Reflector 2 menu. Now everything you need is in one, consistent place.
  • Voice-over volume support – You can now adjust the voice-over volume via a slider in “recordings.” Additionally, our recording engine (which is majorly improved) will respect whatever the device volume level is set to when saving recordings.

We’ve had a busy summer here at Squirrels. Reflector Director, ScreenToss, Reflector 2.1 and AirParrot updates have hit the market. We hope you love them as much as we do. Stay tuned for more to come.

33 thoughts on “Reflector 2 Adds Live YouTube Streaming”

    1. Hi, Ian. If you already have Reflector 2, this is a free upgrade. Simply update Reflector 2 and you will have the full YouTube streaming functionality.

    1. Hi there! The update is free for existing Reflector 2 customers! If you’re not an existing customer, you can purchase Reflector 2 for $14.99.

  1. Hi Guys, I installed the update, made sure my Youtube account is verified and OK to go for live streaming, but now I’m stuck. I want to show the camera of my iPhone in the live stream. So I link my iphone to Reflector2 on my desktop and press “Broadcast”….. after that I’m lost, as my broadcast is showing the camera footage of my desktop, not of my iPhone… Any clue? Thanks

    1. You can show your iPhone camera in the live stream. We will have a support rep reach out to you to help you get it sorted out.

  2. I installed the trial version of Reflector 2 on my PC running Win7 and set up You Tube for live events as directed. After mirroring to the PC from my iPad Air2, I don’t see the video icon (pictured in the live streaming directions) to start the live streaming broadcast. What am I missing. Thanks

  3. Hi,
    I purchased and installed Reflector 2 – Version 2.1.0 yesterday, and I am trying to stream to YouTube. I’ve already set up YouTube for live streaming and have done tests with Open Broadcast System and other apps so I know it works.

    The problem I’m having is that my version doesn’t even show a “Broadcast” button. The only thing in the title of my iPhone 5 that is being reflected on my Macbook Pro 13″ (Mid-2010) is the “Record” button. The software says I am up to date, and I’m running Yosemite 10.10.5.

    Any ideas why I can’t see the “Broadcast” info?


    1. Hi Lane,

      Click the Reflector app icon at the top right of your computer screen. The “Broadcast” button is in there. It is not by the “Record” button in the app interface.

      Please let us know if this resolves your issue.



  4. Could I use this app to stream clips of live sporting events to youtube from my iPhone?

    If so could parents then view the clips live from offsite locations on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops?

    any thoughts on how this app affects battery life?

    1. Hi Alex,

      You could, but you would need to have wifi and be connected to Reflector 2. Reflector 2 runs on your computer. So your smartphone or tablet must connect to Reflector 2 (on your computer) to mirror what is on your device. From your computer, the Reflector 2 software creates a live stream to YouTube. So yes it is possible but it may not be practical for what you’re trying to do depending on your situation and setup.

      Squirrels team

  5. WOW, have just upgraded from V1 to a trial of V2 and streamed live on Youtube. It created an live-event and I was able to then view the “livestream” via another computer. I embedded the Youtube Video in my website too! It would be good to work out how to remove/hide the “camera details in the iPhone” when using the device like a webcam. No sound came through, so will work on that too. – Well done Squirrels, big step forward.

  6. I am all Mac (OS X) based…i’d like to share my iPad 3 (iOS 7.1.1, at the moment) screen with a developer of mine, who needs to see whether the changes he is making to a client’s website render correctly on an iPad screen.

    Would this app allow me to do this, and if so, how?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Reflector 2 would allow you to do this. You would download Reflector 2 onto your Mac, then mirror your iPad screen onto your computer screen by connecting your iPad to Reflector 2 via your iPad’s built-in AirPlay. Everything you do on your iPad will happen on your computer screen. Then, you can record your iPad session and send your developer the recording. You could also YouTube live stream a session and have your developer watch from wherever he or she is.

      Let us know if you have any other questions! Thanks!

  7. It would be nice to have the possibility to add a second audio source (a mic connected to the mac) to talk over the live videos! It’s ideal for live commentaries. What do you think about it?

    1. Hi Nick! You can select any connected mic you want to use for recording. In the Reflector menu, select the mic icon and pick from your list of mics to make your recording. You can only record from one mic at a time.

  8. Is there anyway to remove the bordering iPad window on the broadcast? I just want the iPad screen content to be displayed on YouTube.

  9. I’m a moderator on this Hare Krishna website. We live stream video sessions to YouTube and I am interested to use Reflector 2, IF I can live broadcast the video recording from my iPhone camera to YouTube without the iPhone/iPad borders showing up on the broadcast. I want just the video content. Is this possible? What is the maximum resolution that can be streamed to YouTube?

  10. I’m using a presentation software that allows me to. Put a video feed on a slide. What I’d like to do is display the screen of an ios device on the slide. This would require it to look like a system video source (like a webcam). Is this something that can be done with reflector? Can I mirror and reflector make it look like a Webcam input as far as the Mac is concerned?

  11. How do I create a backup video of my YouTube streams? I can’t seem to do it after I finished broadcasting. After it saves it closes automatically.

    1. Hi there! YouTube Live streams are automatically saved on YouTube for future playback. There’s not currently a way to also save the video to your computer at the same time.

    1. Sorry to hear this, Steve! Are you using Reflector 1 or 2? If your iPhone is running iOS 9 or 10, you must use Reflector 2. Please make sure Reflector 2 is updated to the latest version. If you are still experiencing issues, complete a support ticket at A member of our support team will contact you as soon as possible.

    1. Hello Logan! You need to have Reflector 2 software running on your Mac or Windows computer. Reflector will allow you to wirelessly display your mobile device (iOS, Android, Chromebook) on your computer screen. Then, you can enable the Reflector YouTube Live Stream feature to stream whatever is happening on your mobile device directly to YouTube in real time.

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