February 24, 2016

Squirrels Increasing Edcamp Efforts in 2016

Are you hosting or starting an Edcamp without all the resources you need? Look no further! The Squirrels team is always searching for opportunities to work with teachers and educators from across the country, so we decided to increase our Edcamp sponsorship efforts in 2016.

A Squirrels sponsorship can make a big difference for Edcamp organizers and attendees. We can provide you with a monetary donation, swag or both to make your Edcamp unforgettable. You just have to let us know! Monetary and swag donation amounts depend on the number of anticipated attendees for the event.

Another perk of a Squirrels Edcamp sponsorship is that we will arrange for each organizer to receive a free license of Reflector 2, our wireless screen-sharing software, to use in their classroom and review on their own professional blog. Who doesn’t love free products, right?

Additionally, each attendee is given a coupon code for Reflector 2. We think every school should be equipped with Reflector 2, and we’re committed to making that happen.

Even after all of the benefits listed above, we still have a few more treats for Edcamp organizers!

We take great pride in providing the education industry with the tools they need to succeed, so we want to make sure it is just as much a fit for us as it is for you. To apply for a sponsorship, log in to our website and fill out the Edcamp Sponsorship Form and tell us why you want us to sponsor your Edcamp!

About Us

Squirrels is a software development company based in North Canton, Ohio. We create high-quality, budget-friendly screen mirroring and device management software that’s compatible with today’s most popular devices. To date, our software can be found in hundreds of thousands of classrooms, businesses and homes. Follow our blog for all the latest product updates, Squirrels news and technology insight!