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June 11, 2013

Meet the Team!

We’ve been shy over the last few months, but we’re ready to show you the team behind the products you love! 

Getting everyone to be formal for five seconds was tough. We have to admit, though: we look good.


Of course, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t show you who we are in our natural state.


June 4, 2013

AirParrot and Reflector: Did You Know?

During the month of March, we asked our customers to answer a few questions for us. We received an overwhelming response. Almost 12,000 people responded to let us know what they like, don’t like and want to see.

We received a lot of great ideas, some of which will be included in future updates. At the same time, we realize that not everyone may know what our products are capable of. Just in case you missed them, we put together some of the most requested features that already exist. 


  1. Recording - One of the most requested features we saw was the ability to record what’s being mirrored. We’re happy to say that recording has been available on most current operating systems for almost a year. To record on Windows, press alt + R, or right click the mirror window and select record. To record on a Mac, press command + R, or select “Start Recording” from the Device menu. Not every operating system is supported, though. For a list of compatible operating systems, see our support portal
  2. Frames - Sometimes it’s important to show what kind or color device you’re using. Reflector should automatically detect your device (iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc) and show this properly, but If you want to adjust the color you’ll need to select it manually. You can do this on Windows by right clicking the mirror window. On a Mac, simply open the Device menu, and browse to the Frame Skin section. You can even remove the frames if you like!
  3. Always on Top - When presenting, you may find it handy to keep your mirrored device on top of all other windows. On Windows, you can find this setting by right clicking the Reflector icon in the system tray and selecting Preferences. On Mac, this option can be found in the device menu.
  4. Mass Deployment - Reflector can be installed across networks or to all users on a computer. This can be done with an MSI installer on Windows. Including a licensed copy of Reflector is also an option for administrators that distribute system images. More on this topic can be found at our knowledge base
  5. Adjust Window Size  - Adjusting the display size of your device is easy! Simply click a corner and drag the window to your desired size. Voila!


  1. 1080p - If your television and Apple TV support 1080p, so does AirParrot! The latest version of AirParrot will automatically enable the highest quality available for your Apple TV. Currently, only the Apple TV 3 supports 1080p output. 
  2. Mass Deployment - AirParrot can be installed across networks or to all users on a computer. This can be done with an MSI installer on Windows or by installing as an administrator on a Mac. Including a licensed copy of Reflector is also an option for administrators that distribute system images. More on this topic can be found at our knowledge base.
  3. Hide Cursor - Want to display what’s on your screen without your cursor getting in the way? We’ve included a feature to keep others from seeing your mouse. On Windows, right click on the AirParrot icon in your system tray and select preferences. Toggle the “Show Mouse Cursor” option to turn the cursor on and off. On a Mac, click the AirParrot icon in your menubar and select Preferences. The show mouse cursor option can be found here. 
  4. Change Over / Under Scan - If your screen isn’t filling up your entire television, your may need to adjust the overscan setting. This setting allows you to zoom in or out on the video stream making it fill the tv screen. On a PC, this setting can be found by right clicking the AirParrot system tray icon and selecting preferences. This setting can be found on a Mac by clicking the AirParrot menubar icon and opening Preferences. 
  5. Mirror Apps - On a Mac, selecting an application from the “Specific App” list will mirror only the selected app to the Apple TV instead of the entire desktop. You will still be able to use your computer normally, but anyone viewing the mirrored content will only see the selected application. We hope to bring this feature to Windows in the future. 

For those of you who asked us for new features, we’re planning updates to include them. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months!

June 3, 2013

Wet Paint

Did you know that before today, zero of our customers or visitors were reading our blog? That’s right zero. The fact that our first post came out today is irrelevant. If you’re taking a look around, you might notice some other changes, too. 

What’s new you ask? We’ve made drastic changes to our website and shopping experience. You’ll find new content, videos, descriptions and more to make your experience with AirParrot and Reflector even better. The new Squirrels website is a treasure trove of previously unavailable information and items.

Shopping Cart

Our previous shopping cart was showing its age. The new store and checkout process is more secure and user friendly. We’ve added tiered pricing to our web purchasing so certain quantities can be purchased at bulk discounts without contacting our sales team.

Follow the store link at the top of any of our webpages, or visit store.airsquirrels.com directly to access our new shopping cart.

Knowledge Base

Not only is our new knowledge base searchable, it’s been updated with some of the most frequent questions we see. We’ll continue working closely with our support team to update the database with the most common questions and answers we come across.

You can find our new support portal by clicking support at the top of any of our webpages. You can also visit support.airsquirrels.com directly.

New Content

Ever wanted to see how others are using the apps you love? We’ve added videos, reviews, use cases and all sorts of other ways to see what others do with them. We’re always looking for new ideas, so if you’ve got a special case, let us know! Check out www.airsquirrels.com to see the new changes!

Combined Product Pages

All of our products are now in one place — airsquirrels.com. While you can still access our individual websites, it’s now easier to find the store, other products, support, company information and more from anywhere on any of our websites.


Last, but not least! If you’ve ever wondered what antics happen at the Squirrels offices, this is your chance to find out. We’ll also be posting about product updates, new products, sales and other Squirrels related topics.

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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