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August 17 , 2016

Back-To-School Tech List: Grab The $15 EdTech Tool Used In More Than 100,000 Classrooms

RF School

If you are an educator looking for a cost-effective way to make mobile devices a more valuable part of the student learning experience, you’ve come to the right place.

You know how kids go shopping with their parents to pick up supplies before the school year begins? Teachers shop for supplies, too. Except, due to limited funding, they often end up spending their own money to purchase EdTech tools that improve the lives of our children. Oh, and these tools usually cost a lot more than notebooks, pencils and lunch boxes.

But not every popular EdTech tool breaks the bank.

Reflector 2 is $15 software created by Squirrels LLC that runs on the teacher’s computer and allows students to wirelessly display their iPads, iPhones, Chromebooks and Android devices onto the teacher’s computer screen.

A one-time cost of $15 per classroom makes it a modern-day unicorn… a rare budget-friendly classroom tool in an education market filled with price tags that frequently reach hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking. “Of course you think Reflector is the best thing since sliced bread. You are the company that made it, after all.”

While we’re obviously a little biased, we’re not alone! We hear from teachers every day who tell us how much they love Reflector and appreciate what it has done to increase collaboration and sharing in their classroom.

Educators On Reflector 2
Here are a few of the sentiments educators have shared with us via our Reflector Twitter account.

Reflector 2 is perfect for any classroom with mobile devices. Educators in 1:1, BYOD and flipped/blended learning environments use it to wirelessly share both teacher and student device screens. Most teachers open Reflector on their computer, then connect their computer to a projector so the entire class can see what is happening on any mobile device that is wirelessly connected to Reflector.

Better yet, Reflector allows multiple mobile devices to connect to the teacher’s computer simultaneously. A mix of student and teacher iOS, Android, Chromebook and Surface Pro* devices can all be mirrored to Reflector at the same time.

AND EVEN BETTER YET… Every Reflector session can be recorded. That’s right. Teachers can record connected student mobile device screens directly from their computer. This is ideal when a student is giving a presentation from a mobile device, or when a teacher would like to pre-record a lesson ahead of time to play for the class later.

Tech Tips For Teachers
Reflector 2 was recently featured in a Tech Tips For Teachers article. Author Becky Shiring said that Reflector is a tool she desperately wishes she discovered while she was still in the classroom. The following is an excerpt from the article:

“While in the classroom, when I found an app I wanted my students to be aware of, I can remember painfully trying to walk students through finding the app in the app store, downloading it, opening it, signing in and then using it, all while circulating the room demonstrating from my tiny cell phone screen. It was exhausting. Not to mention that some students used Android and others iOS. This frustration could have been eased with Reflector 2.”  

If you would like to learn more about Reflector 2, you can watch our “How To” videos including How to Connect to Reflector 2 and How to Record Mirrored Devices on our YouTube channel. Or, you can visit our website to learn more about Reflector in the classroom.

As always, feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comments section below.

*Microsoft Surface Pros require our sister app, AirParrot 2, to wirelessly connect to the teacher's computer because Surface Pros do not come equipped with a native screen-sharing functionality such as Apple's AirPlay or the Chromebook/Android Cast technology. 

August 15 , 2016

Alpha Squirrel EdTech Experts Attend Worldwide Apple Distinguished Educators Institute in Berlin

Five of our Alpha Squirrel EdTech experts recently attended the Worldwide Apple Distinguished Educators (ADE) Institute in Berlin to collaborate, share and learn with educators from around the globe.

Alpha Squirrels ADE Global 2016 Berlin

Alpha Squirrels Kelly Croy (@wirededucator), Kyle Pearce (@mathletepearce), John Shoemaker (@shoewee), Marc Faulder (@marcwithersey) and Monica Burns (@classtechtips) were among 400 educators at the invitation-only event.

Croy was featured as an ADE Global presenter. He showed fellow educators how he uses Reflector and AirParrot to promote a more engaged student learning environment in his classroom. His recent contribution to the Global Education Institute blog explained how his students use these EdTech tools to share and record mobile device screens.

“Berlin was fantastic,” Croy said. “I couldn’t have made it there without the support of Squirrels.”

The Worldwide ADE Institute is just one of the many education technology conferences and speaking engagements Alpha Squirrels attend throughout the year.

Check out some of the social conversation around the Alpha Squirrels program during the event!

Thanks to all Alpha Squirrels for their relentless efforts to positively represent, endorse and validate our place in the education technology world.

Are you a teacher or EdTech professional interested in becoming a certified Alpha Squirrel? Contact Emily Carle Hafer at for information about our next class of Alpha Squirrels.

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August 3 , 2016

Why You Should Scout Hotel Screen-Sharing Capabilities Before Booking Your Next Business Meeting

Make sure the next hotel you book for a business meeting or corporate event is equipped with a screen-sharing solution that can accommodate the needs of you and your business partners.

Meeting organizers prioritize location, space and basic amenities such as food, refreshments and seating when selecting a hotel for business gatherings. These elements are essential, but any good meeting space in today’s tech-driven world must have screen-sharing capabilities.

Can you recall your last business meeting that was computer-less? Didn’t think so. When coordinating business meetings with Guest Services, request a conference room that’s equipped with the Ditto screen-sharing service.

Conf Computer

Ditto makes screen sharing in hotel conference rooms and meeting spaces easier than ever before. Anyone with a Mac or PC can immediately – and wirelessly – share their computer screen to the big screen in a Ditto-enabled room.

Screen sharing is often confusing, inconsistent and everything but intuitive. With Ditto, it’s easy.

How Ditto works
It’s simple. Ditto assigns a unique code to the hotel conference room. Any hotel guest can walk into the room and immediately share their Mac or PC screen simply by visiting and entering the room’s unique Ditto code.

Ditto can be used in any hotel room that has an Apple TV, Chromecast or Reflector-connected display. The guest’s computer is the screen sender. The Apple TV, Chromecast or Reflector-connected display is the screen receiver.

After entering the code, Ditto runs a lightweight application on the user’s Mac or PC that automatically sends the computer screen to the appropriate TV or display. When the user is done sharing, he or she must simply close out of the application. The app is then wiped from the user’s computer. It’s that easy.

Unlimited screen sharing
Ditto brings completely unlimited screen sharing to any hotel meeting space and doesn’t require additional hardware, software or permissions for the meeting guests. No more wires. No more connection confusion.

Cross-platform connections
Mac users can wirelessly connect to Chromecast receivers, PC users can wirelessly connect to Apple TV receivers and vice versa.

Go Ditto
Be sure to request the Ditto screen-sharing service the next time your business uses a hotel as a corporate event venue.

If you would like to learn more about Ditto, visit Or, email our sales specialist Danielle Walker at

July 27 , 2016

Ditto Screen-Sharing Service Receives Update

A new Ditto update is now live. The update includes:

Simple Room Codes - Ditto now includes the ability to use Simple Room Codes. When enabled, this will allow users to assign alphanumeric codes to new rooms instead of using groupings of common words.

Once enabled in the "Organization" section of the Ditto portal, all new rooms will be generated with the Simple Room Codes. If a user has an existing Ditto room they’d like to convert to a Simple Room Code, they just need to refresh the room code in "Rooms" with the refresh button after enabling it in "Organization."

Monthly Upgrade - Users can now upgrade from a monthly Ditto subscription plan to a yearly Ditto subscription plan.

July 27 , 2016

Screen Sharing For Every Huddle Space

Huddle Space Screen Sharing
The Ditto screen-sharing service promotes easy collaboration and connectivity among peers in company huddle spaces.

Huddle room meetings are meant to be personal, quick and effective. The technology in a huddle room must match those attributes. As companies continue to replace traditional conference rooms with a larger number of smaller, more intimate huddle rooms, they must manage the costs of outfitting these rooms with the needed resources.

Ditto adds a required feature of any modern-day meeting space at an unbeatable price.

For $149.99/year, Ditto brings easy-to-use and completely unlimited screen sharing to any huddle space. No wires. No additional hardware. No connection confusion for employees.

What is Ditto?
Ditto is a cloud-based screen-sharing service. It allows any employee, guest or presenter with a Mac or PC to immediately (and wirelessly) share their screen to a huddle room display.

Ditto can be used in any huddle room that has an Apple TV, Chromecast or Reflector-connected display.

How does Ditto work?

When your company signs up for Ditto, each registered huddle space receives a unique Ditto code that is linked to the Apple TV, Chromecast or Reflector-connected device.

During a meeting, any attendee can instantly share their computer screen to the huddle room TV or display simply by visiting and entering the room’s Ditto code. Ditto immediately knows which receiver to connect a user’s screen to based on the code that is entered.

Cross-platform connections

Mac users can wirelessly connect to Chromecasts, and PC users can wirelessly connect to Apple TVs. And vice versa.

Full screen or app-specific screen-sharing

Ditto gives you the option to share your entire computer display or a single window or application. This helps remove distractions and ensures that peers in the huddle room are focused only on the most important content.

Why Ditto?

Ditto saves…big time
An annual Ditto subscription saves hundreds to thousands of dollars compared to alternative hardware- and software-based screen-sharing solutions.

Ditto is unlimited

Anyone who walks through the door of your business can join a meeting and share their computer screen to the correct display instantly without worrying about hardware incompatibilities or required software.

Ditto is ideal for huddle spaces

Huddle room meetings are meant to be streamlined and effective. Shouldn’t your company’s screen-sharing technology be the same?

To bring the Ditto screen-sharing service to your common room or shared meeting space, visit Feel free to leave any feedback or questions in the comment section below!

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