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July 27 , 2016

Screen Sharing For Every Huddle Space

Huddle Space Screen Sharing
The Ditto screen-sharing service promotes easy collaboration and connectivity among peers in company huddle spaces.

Huddle room meetings are meant to be personal, quick and effective. The technology in a huddle room must match those attributes. As companies continue to replace traditional conference rooms with a larger number of smaller, more intimate huddle rooms, they must manage the costs of outfitting these rooms with the needed resources.

Ditto adds a required feature of any modern-day meeting space at an unbeatable price.

For $149.99/year, Ditto brings easy-to-use and completely unlimited screen sharing to any huddle space. No wires. No additional hardware. No connection confusion for employees.

What is Ditto?
Ditto is a cloud-based screen-sharing service. It allows any employee, guest or presenter with a Mac or PC to immediately (and wirelessly) share their screen to a huddle room display.

Ditto can be used in any huddle room that has an Apple TV, Chromecast or Reflector-connected display.

How does Ditto work?

When your company signs up for Ditto, each registered huddle space receives a unique Ditto code that is linked to the Apple TV, Chromecast or Reflector-connected device.

During a meeting, any attendee can instantly share their computer screen to the huddle room TV or display simply by visiting and entering the room’s Ditto code. Ditto immediately knows which receiver to connect a user’s screen to based on the code that is entered.

Cross-platform connections

Mac users can wirelessly connect to Chromecasts, and PC users can wirelessly connect to Apple TVs. And vice versa.

Full screen or app-specific screen-sharing

Ditto gives you the option to share your entire computer display or a single window or application. This helps remove distractions and ensures that peers in the huddle room are focused only on the most important content.

Why Ditto?

Ditto saves…big time
An annual Ditto subscription saves hundreds to thousands of dollars compared to alternative hardware- and software-based screen-sharing solutions.

Ditto is unlimited

Anyone who walks through the door of your business can join a meeting and share their computer screen to the correct display instantly without worrying about hardware incompatibilities or required software.

Ditto is ideal for huddle spaces

Huddle room meetings are meant to be streamlined and effective. Shouldn’t your company’s screen-sharing technology be the same?

To bring the Ditto screen-sharing service to your common room or shared meeting space, visit Feel free to leave any feedback or questions in the comment section below!

July 25 , 2016

How To Use Ditto Screen-Sharing Technology in 1:1 Surface Pro Classrooms

We recently asked our Reflector Twitter followers which mobile device is most often used in their classrooms. The choices included iPads, Chromebooks and Surface Pros.

Not surprisingly, iPads and Chromebooks outpaced Surface Pros. Here’s how the results broke down:


Microsoft Surface Pros might not dominate classrooms like iPads and Chromebooks, but they are an incredibly valuable tool for students and teachers who use them daily. That’s why we made sure our latest screen-sharing service, Ditto, is compatible with Surface Pros.

How can a student or teacher present what’s happening on their Surface Pro screen to the entire class? Traditionally, the class would have to huddle around a desk to get a glimpse of the screen. If you wanted to wirelessly share that Surface Pro screen to a TV or external display, you were out of luck.

Introducing the Ditto screen-sharing service for 1:1 Surface Pro classrooms
Ditto brings wireless screen-sharing capabilities to each and every Surface Pro in classrooms that contain one of the following three AirPlay or Cast receivers:

How does Ditto work?

It’s simple. In order to wirelessly share a Surface Pro screen to one of the three receivers listed above, a user must simply go to and enter the classroom’s unique Ditto code.

How does my classroom get a Ditto code?

To get a Ditto code for your classroom, you must first sign up for Ditto and register the Apple TV, Chromecast or Reflector-enabled device in your classroom! Registering a classroom is simple with our Ditto Configuration Tool. You (or your school’s tech integrationist) can do that at The entire sign up and configuration process takes about 15 minutes.

After registering the AirPlay/Cast receiver (Apple TV, Chromecast or Reflector 2), your classroom will be assigned a unique code.

Once a room has a Ditto subscription, an unlimited number of teachers, students and faculty can use that subscription because Ditto is priced per room rather than per individual. So you don’t have to worry about managing, updating and, most importantly, paying for individual student licenses for every Surface Pro.

How does Ditto know which receiver to send to?

Does your school have multiple Apple TVs, Chromecasts or Reflector-enabled devices? We’re assuming it does, and that’s not a problem. Ditto knows which Apple TV or Chromecast to connect the Surface Pro to the moment a teacher or student enters the room’s Ditto code at So you don’t have to scroll through an endless list of AirPlay/Cast receivers and determine which one to select. Ditto does it for you.

Do I have to share my entire Surface Pro screen?

Upon connection, Ditto asks whether you want to share your entire Surface Pro display or a single window/app. This helps remove distractions and ensures that others in the class don’t see anything they shouldn’t.

Child School

Go Ditto

Ditto is the newest, most practical way to bring collaboration and sharing to Surface Pro classrooms. Visit to register today! As always, feel free to leave us a comment below.

July 20 , 2016

Meet The Conference Screen-Sharing Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Do you remember the last conference presentation you attended that didn’t include a visual aid? Neither do we!

Conference CenterEvery good speaker has a captivating stage presence and a thoughtful visual aid to accompany their words. Whether it’s PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi or something else, the presenter almost always needs to share what’s on their laptop with the audience.

This presents a problem for the average convention center or conference room. Is the presenter using a Mac or PC? Does the room have compatible connectors and cables to display the presenter’s screen? How about wireless capabilities? Does the room have an Apple TV or a Chromecast?

With the Ditto screen-sharing service, presenters don't have to worry about any of that. Ditto makes screen sharing in conference rooms and meeting spaces simple and consistent.

What’s Ditto?
Ditto is a cloud-based service that brings unlimited and completely wireless screen-sharing capabilities to any room containing an Apple TV or Chromecast. It can be explained in two steps.

  1. Sign Up
    When you sign up for Ditto, the Apple TV or Chromecast in each room you are registering receives a unique connection code. How? Using our simple Ditto Configuration Tool. Trust us – you don’t have to be a tech genius to do this. We made the configuration tool to be used by the common professional. This configuration process is repeated for each room containing an Apple TV/Chromecast that needs registered.
  1. Begin sharing your Mac/PC screen
    After registering a room, sharing a Mac or PC screen to the Apple TV/Chromecast-connected display is easy. Anyone who needs to share their screen can simply visit and enter the unique room code. Since each code is tied to a specific Apple TV/Chromecast, it automatically knows which screen a user is trying to share their computer screen to.
    Ditto Connect Page July 2016After pressing “Launch,” Ditto will quickly save a one-time download to the user’s computer. Ditto will then give the user an option to either share their entire computer display or just a specific application (such as PowerPoint, an Internet browser, a photo app, etc.) to the big screen. When the user is done sharing their screen, they close the Ditto application and the one-time download is wiped from their computer.

Ditto is completely wireless. Presenters no longer have to fuss with those tangled, incompatible and confusing connection wires or cords often required to share content to the big screen. They also don’t need special software on their computer to connect wirelessly. That ability is built into the Ditto screen-sharing service.

Speaking of sharing content to the big screen, anyone can do it! A yearly subscription to Ditto is priced per room, not per user. Presenters, guests, employees – anyone – can immediately share their computer screen simply by entering the room code at because Ditto is completely unlimited.

Cross-platform connections
You may have realized this by now, but presenters are not bound by their computer brand in Ditto-powered rooms. Presenters using Macs can wirelessly share their screen to Apple TV OR Chromecast. Presenters using PCs can wirelessly share their screen to Chromecast OR Apple TV.

Presenters with iOS/Android phone and tablets
So what if speakers want to present from their iOS or Android device in a room that has the Ditto screen-sharing service? If Ditto is registered in a room with an Apple TV, then speakers can still present from iOS devices natively using AirPlay. If Ditto is registered in a room with a Chromecast, then speakers can present from Android devices and Chromebooks natively using Google Cast.

Reflector 2
The only perceived limitation is iOS devices in rooms with a Chromecast and Android devices in rooms with an Apple TV. This issue is resolved if the conference room or speaking hall has our Reflector AirPlay/Cast receiving software ($14.99) installed on an in-room computer. Reflector allows presenters to wirelessly display their Android, iOS and Chromebook screens onto a Mac or PC. If the Reflector-enabled computer is connected to an external display, the speaker can present from his or her mobile device.

Ditto screen sharing
Questions? We’re happy to answer all of them! Leave us a comment in the comment section below or contact our sales team.

Or, to bring the Ditto screen-sharing service to your conference hall today, visit

July 18 , 2016

Ditto Screen-Sharing Service Adds Audio Support

The Ditto screen-sharing service now includes audio support in addition to its screen-sharing capabilities. Many users have been requesting this feature since the Ditto launch in early June. The addition of audio is rolling out for existing users over the next few hours.

Ditto for Windows Audio: No action needed. The next time you open Ditto, you'll be able to mirror audio along with video.

Ditto for Mac Audio: Requires the AirParrot 2 audio driver to be pre-installed on your Mac. If your Mac already has our AirParrot 2 desktop mirroring software, you don't need to do anything.

If your Mac does not have AirParrot 2, download the AirParrot 2 trial and open the application. You should be prompted to install the drivers. If you are not prompted, open the AirParrot 2 preferences, click the General tab and click “Install missing drivers” button. That will install the required audio drivers on your Mac to enable Ditto audio. The needed audio drivers will remain after the AirParrot 2 trial is over.

Enjoy the update! As always, let us know if you have any questions in the comments below or email

July 18 , 2016

Why Screen Sharing Is Now A Must-Have Feature In Common Rooms

Screen-sharing is now a must-have feature of common rooms and public meeting spaces. It’s 2016. Our entire lives seem to revolve around our computers, but computers are inherently personal. When it’s time to show friends, family or coworkers what’s happening on those little computer screens, our infrastructure always seems to fall short.

We created the new Ditto screen-sharing service to make sure that’s not a problem anymore.

It’s simple:

  • Any room that has an Apple TV or Chromecast can sign up for a Ditto subscription
  • Ditto assigns that room a unique code word
  • Anybody with a Mac or PC can instantly (and wirelessly) share their screen to the big screen by entering that code word into

Cross-platform connections

Believe it or not, Mac users can wirelessly connect to Chromecasts, and PC users can wirelessly connect to Apple TVs. And vice versa.

Unlimited screen sharing

Ditto brings screen-sharing to an unlimited number of users because a subscription to the service runs on a room-by-room basis, not a user-by-user basis. This eliminates the need to spend thousands of dollars on individual user licenses.

Wireless screen sharing

We mentioned that it’s 2016, right? Wires and cords are no longer required to share content to the big screen. Things we recommend doing with those old cables:

  • Cut them
  • Throw them in the closet
  • Fashion them into abstract jewelry
  • Bury them in a time capsule but never dig the time capsule up again

Dongle Earring

Really, the list goes on. Just don’t use them to try to establish a restrictive, tangled, incompatible wire-based computer connection. Whew, onward!

Intuitive screen sharing

Are you in a building with multiple Apple TVs or Chromecasts? No problem! Ditto knows which Apple TV or Chromecast to connect your computer screen to the moment you enter the room’s code word at So you don’t have to scroll through an endless list of AirPlay/Cast receivers and determine which one to select.

Full screen or app-specific screen-sharing

Upon connection, Ditto gives you the option to share your entire computer display or a single window/app to the Apple TV or Chromecast. This helps remove distractions and ensures that the other people in the common room don’t see anything they shouldn’t. Privacy matters!

Ditto Connection Table

Ditto screen sharing

Any peer, guest or friend can walk into the shared common area and instantly show their Mac or PC screen on the Chromecast/Apple TV-connected display.

To bring the Ditto screen-sharing service to your common room or shared meeting space, visit

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