New Ditto Update Brings Zero-Touch Deployment, Reporting Metrics to Screen Mirroring

Introducing zero-touch deployment and reporting metrics for Ditto screen mirroring. Quickly deploy Ditto across your organization and see how people use it. Discover all the updates here.


AirParrot for Chrome: The New Teacher’s Pet


Last Monday, Squirrels launched AirParrot for Chrome OS, becoming the first screen mirroring solution for Chromebooks! Many have welcomed this functionality, but the field of education has taken a particular interest. Gaining the ability to mirror entire Chromebook screens has opened new doors for educators and administrators alike.

The affordability and manageability of Chromebooks has made them perfect for classroom environments. With AirParrot for Chrome, you’ll get the most out of your device! Our software is loaded with features that have many uses in the classroom:

  • Wireless screen mirroring – Unlike Chromecast, AirParrot allows you to wirelessly mirror your entire screen. Show presentations and student work on the big screen to captivate the classroom.
  • Easy use, recognition and deployment – AirParrot for Chrome OS is completely based through Google accounts. See Chromebook usernames when mirroring, and switch licenses from account to account at the end of the school year. We deploy the licenses, Chrome Application Deployment does the rest.
  • Quick Connect Codes – If traditional discovery isn’t an option because of limited network connections, connect to your destination using Quick Connect Codes. See your common destinations in a recent receiver list: a part of our beautiful new interface.
  • Allows mirroring to popular destinations like an Apple TV or Reflector – Wirelessly mirror your screen to Apple TV, Reflector and more; hardware and software that’s already common in today’s classrooms.

 Like Chromebooks, AirParrot for Chrome OS is a budget friendly option. The software can be purchased through the Chrome Web Store for $9.99 individually or purchased in bulk through the Squirrels sales team. Try AirParrot for Chrome OS today and unleash the potential of your classroom! 

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