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Squirrels Sponsors a Teacher Through redditgifts Gift Exchange


Recently, reddit held its redditgifts for the Teachers 2014 gift exchange to help educators in need. Each year, teachers with inadequate budgets and resources reach out to the public for sponsorships and donations. Those who sign up for the exchange are matched with a teacher, given information about their needs and the necessary shipping information to send the supplies by the start of the school year.

As big supporters of education, Squirrels decided to sponsor a teacher through redditgifts. A lot of the Squirrels team is very passionate about music, and we were thrilled when we got matched with a music teacher in Iowa. The team donated $300 worth of creative, music and general supplies to help educate kids aged 4-11.

We appreciate reddit and the opportunity to make a difference in classrooms. Check out the Gift Exchange page on the redditgifts website to find this and other opportunities.




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