June 11, 2014

Slingshot and Mobile Application Development

Sharing unfinished or non-production iOS applications with clients and peers is no easy task. We run into provisioning problems, emailing large files, UI miscommunications; the list goes on.

Slingshot allows developers to demo applications in real time. There is no complicated setup or third-part software. Just connect your device to a computer running Slingshot and everyone in your Slingshot session can see what you’re doing.

Check out some Slingshot features that make iOS and mobile app development easy:

  • Built by developers - We understand the pains of client communication. Slingshot was built for easy sharing and collaboration by all.
  • iOS MirroringShare your iPad or iPhone to anyone in a session. There are no cables or complicated file installations involved! Provisioning problems are a thing of the past.
  • Webcam Chat - Clients can be all over the world, and meeting face-to-face isn’t always possible. Webcam chat brings everyone together in one place.
  • File Sharing - Email doesn’t allow sending large files, and using file sharing services just adds another step for confusion. Slingshot instantly and securely shares the important files you need others to see.
  • Cross Platform -  Slingshot works on Windows and Mac computers, and it works on today’s popular mobile devices. Share iOS devices with Windows computers, or share your Windows screen to a Mac.

Slingshot is free for 30 days. Try it!


June 11, 2014

Slingshot is a Customer Support Solution

Customer support solutions generally leave agents feeling in the dark for the problem at hand. Slingshot allows agents to show iPad and iPhone screens in real time. Demonstrating a solution has never been easier.

Slingshot creates an engaging and interactive customer support experience. Screen sharing from iOS, Mac or Windows gives support agents another tool to help customers. Customers can connect with agents face-to-face and demonstrate problems.

Slingshot has a number of features that make customer support easy and engaging:

  • Webcam Chat - Create an engaging support experience by allowing support agents and customers to meet face-to-face.
  • iOS Mirroring - Share an iPhone or iPad screen for easy demonstration. Same time by explaining resolutions with video in real time.
  • File Sharing - Quickly and easily share log files and other important support documents.
  • Desktop Mirroring - Share your desktop for quick resolutions. Sharing an individual application focuses a session and adds privacy.
  • Cross Platform - Slingshot works on today’s popular devices. Offer support to customers on mobile devices or computers!

Try Slingshot free for 30 days and see how it works for you!


June 10, 2014

#BSCADC 2014 Recap

While some of our team was at WWDC, two members of our development and QA team traveled to Las Vegas last week to attend the Better Software Conference and Agile Development Conference West 2014, or #BSCADC. 

The pair used the week to learn how to improve various processes as a company, such as how to better develop and test software and do so in a higher quality and shorter amount of time. They even got to build a car through Agile’s demonstration on both self-management and teamwork in building and testing products as quick as possible.

They were also featured on @agileconn’s twitter!

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June 3, 2014

Squirrels at WWDC

We’re at WWDC in San Francisco this week. Find us and say hello!

We snapped some pictures yesterday, too:

May 28, 2014

Squirrels at Techweek Detroit

Last Thursday and Friday, Squirrels attended #techweekdet

We got to talk to some cool people with great ideas (like our new friends at YikeBike and Uber), watch the Launch Competition (congrats to the winners, Cribspot) and even attend a silent disco at the ‘beach’ in the middle of the city!

Check out some of the pictures we took throughout the weekend. Thank you Techweek. We’ll see you this fall!








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