May 8, 2014

Slingshot in the Conference Room

Slingshot was built with web conferencing in mind. Not only does Slingshot allow users to share files and screens, it facilitates face-to-face meeting with webcams and microphones. Collaboration tools included with Slingshot keep meetings rolling. Teleconferencing has never been easier.

Slingshot was built from the ground up to work on many platforms—including phones and tablets. That means the experience you’re used to on your computer is the same one you’ll get on your iPhone! Whether you’re in the office, on the go or across the world, Slingshot brings together the people and resources you need to succeed. 

Check out some of the features that make Slingshot your internet conferencing solution:

  • Meeting Minutes - Note taking is often overlooked, but with Meeting Minutes, everyone can pitch in and make meetings memorable. Easily cross items off of an agenda, or add to it!
  • Webcam Chat - Meeting in person is an important part of business. If you can’t be there in person, you can still be face-to-face! Slingshot makes global communication possible without moving from your seat.
  • Dial-in support - We’ve included dial-in access for those without access to a smart phone, tablet or computer. Just dial the number included in your invitation and enter the session code!
  • File Sharing - Emailing presentation files, documents and other important business files can be cumbersome. The file sharing included with Slingshot instantly sends files to everyone in your session.
  • Screen Sharing - Share your iPhone or iPad screen with others in a session, or share your computer screen. Even share specific applications from your computer. Screen sharing is quick and easy!
  • Smart Layouts - Arrange webcam and desktop streams how you want. Hide streams you don’t need or want, and emphasize the important ones. Smart layouts keep online meetings focused. 
  • Cross Platform - Slingshot works on the most popular devices. We’ve made sure every version of Slingshot is the same experience as the others. Spend less time worrying about which button does what, and more time meeting.
  • Global Business - Slingshot works anywhere there is an internet connection. It brings groups of people together whether they’re in the same room or separated by thousands of miles. Global communication is possible, and it’s easy with Slingshot!

Slingshot is free for 30 days. Try it!


May 7, 2014

Squirrels Featured Lighting

The Squirrels office is currently featured on the Barn Light blog. We purchased Barn Light Electric lights to match our lunch and group meeting area.

Check out the blog here.


May 7, 2014

Squirrels in Action: Slingshot shares an endoscopy

Over the years we’ve seen our apps do some amazing things, and the innovative ways people continue to use them never ceases to amaze us.

On Saturday, May 3rd we received this tweet from Ajith George, head and neck surgeon and managing director of endoscope-i Ltd.

endoscope-i is an iPhone adapter and app that allows endoscopic images to be viewed on an iPhone. Using our recently launched Slingshot service to wirelessly share his iPhone screen, Ajith’s colleague Chris Coulson was able to share a rigid otoscopy from Birmingham, England while Ajith watched from Melbourne, Australia.

We thank Ajith for sharing his experience with Slingshot!

We love to hear how our products impact the productivity of our users. If you have a story you would like to share, tweet or email us!

May 5, 2014

Squirrels feature story

Just in time for National Small Business Week, Squirrels was featured in the Canton Repository Stark Business Journal.

Take a peek inside Squirrels. Read the article here.

May 2, 2014

Slingshot for Windows version 1.0.1 is available

Slingshot for Windows version 1.0.1 is now available!

This version adds more detailed logging for better diagnostics. It also corrects an issue that caused Slingshot to lock up. 

Full release notes for version 1.0.1 can be found here:

You can download this update by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the File menu. The new version of Slingshot can also be downloaded from here:

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