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How to Turn Your iPad into an Extended Desktop for Mac


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If you ask a random sampling of iPad owners how they use their tablet, you’ll likely get drastically different answers based on the individual.

To some people, an iPad is a relaxation tool used to read books, play games or stay up to date on social media while on the road. Others use it as a business tool to collect data, present or take notes. Our new AirParrot Remote iOS app now lets you use that iPad as an extra monitor for your Mac!

The AirParrot Remote “Extend Desktop” feature turns your iPad into a wireless extra display for your computer. You can drag documents, apps and browsers from your computer to your iPad, just as you would with any extra monitor connected via the old wired connection method.

All you need to use your iPad as an extended desktop is the latest version of our AirParrot 2 software installed on your Mac and the AirParrot Remote app on your iPad.

  1. Connect your MacBook and iPad to the same Wi-Fi network
  2. Open the latest version of AirParrot 2 on your MacBook
  3. Open the AirParrot Remote app on your iPad
  4. Select your computer from the list of available devices in the AirParrot Remote menu to connect
  5. Tap the “Extend Desktop” option in AirParrot Remote and then tap the desktop preview image at the top of the AirParrot Remote menu
  6. Now your iPad is working as an extra display for your computer! You may drag files, windows and applications from your computer to your iPad.

Protip: This feature is used to create an extra display, but it doubles as a way to remotely control your computer’s mouse and keyboard. You can actually edit documents and manage apps running on your computer from the iPad. Pretty cool, right?

You can grab AirParrot 2 for $12.99 in our online store and the new AirParrot Remote app for $6.99 in the Apple App Store.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any comments or questions in the replies below! We’re happy to help.

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