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When BYOD Makes You SMH: 9 Ways Working in Higher Ed IT is All Too Real


When you work in IT, there are a lot of things that’ll make you shake your head.

When you work in IT at a university, some days will leave you questioning the life decisions that got you to this point.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the norm at any university. You need to accommodate thousands of students with their own devices. That comes with the job description, but why does it seem like every day someone still needs your help connecting to the network RIGHT NOW…also, while you’re at it, can you fix my home printer?

Here are nine times higher education IT got all too real:

1. When you get emails requesting to speed up the wifi.

01 Email typingheckyeahreactiongifs.tumblr.com

So many emails. All the time. What are these people doing? You just upgraded all the wireless access points and they still ask for faster connections.

2. When someone breaks the first rule of IT.

02 IT Crowd_Turn it offmeetedgar.com

It’s happened before and it will happen again. May the odds be ever in your favor.

3. When the adapters break.

03 garbageTenor
Your staff just replaced these. If you had a dollar for every cable, cord or adapter that broke this year, you’d be drowning in broken hardware.

4. When someone’s password is “password.”

04 Conan_facepalmheckyeahreactiongifs.tumblr.com

Is that even still possible? Thank you, next.

5. When users try to fix deployed hardware on their own but make the problem worse.

05 April Ludgateheckyeahreactiongifs.tumblr.com

“How about you do your job and I’ll do mine, okay?”

6. “I can print to the corporate copier from my phone, right?”

06 Talk about itheckyeahreactiongifs.tumblr.com
No. No you cannot.

7. When your wireless presentation solution just won’t work.

07 IT Crowd_throwing computerheckyeahreactiongifs.tumblr.com

You’ve tried everything to present your screen, rebooting the computer, the presentation device, the presentation software, the network, disconnecting and reconnecting everything, and still your devices won’t share their screens. This is what we call a recipe for a hernia.

Luckily, we made a wireless presentation solution that won’t make you mutter “SMH” every 10 minutes: Ditto. Its simplicity will save you from hating your job. Try it free today.

8. Incompatibility. So much incompatibility.

08 IncompatibilityGiphy

BYOD should actually stand for “Bring Your Own Disappointment” because that’s basically what happens on campus. All these devices brought from home don’t like to talk nicely with your subnets, presentation systems or copiers.

9. When users can’t share their device screens to the big screen.

09 Modern Family come backheckyeahreactiongifs.tumblr.com

You don’t have enough staff or time to troubleshoot this. Mirroring shouldn’t be this hard.

When you find a solution that actually works. And it works well for everybody.

10 VictoryTenor 

It’s a great feeling when installing new software is quick, deploying new hardware is a breeze and compatibility isn’t an issue. Especially for those pesky devices brought from home.

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