August 28, 2017

Reflector for Android 2.7.2 is Available

Reflector for Android version 2.7.2 is now available on the Google Play Store.

This update improves network discovery and includes a number of stability improvements. 
Full release notes:

  • Resolved discovery issues on some Android and Fire devices
  • Added improved messaging when another app is using ports Reflector 2 needs to function
  • Resolved issue when AirPlay streaming videos
  • Lots of miscellaneous stability improvements

This update also applies to Amazon Fire TV. Fire TV users should expect the update to be available soon.

August 1, 2017

How to Live Stream Android, iPhone and iPad Games to Twitch with Gameshow and Reflector

Did you know that 800,000 mobile games are available on the App Store? That equates to over a third of the 2.2 million apps offered to iOS users. Did you also know that 75% of revenue generated from the App Store comes from mobile gaming?

That got us thinking: If that many games are housed on the App Store and they generate that much revenue, what technology are people using to show off their skills?

Social video platform services such as Twitch offer gamers an opportunity to turn their recreational hobby into interactive gaming experiences that others can enjoy. Programs such as Gameshow, XSplit and Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) offer a way for enthusiasts to stream gameplay and connect with friends and fans over a shared love of games. 

We decided to put Gameshow to the test (we’ve already tried out OBS) to see how it works with our Reflector screen-mirroring solution. Pairing Reflector with Gameshow eliminates the need for a lightning or USB cable to connect your device to your computer.

1. Create Twitch Account

To start your streaming experience, you need to sign up for the streaming service, Twitch. On the top right of the Twitch website, select “Sign Up” to create your account. Don’t worry, it’s free!

2. Download and Install Gameshow 

Now that you have a Twitch account, you will need to download and install Gameshow (also free) to share your gaming with the world. This software is compatible with Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit, MacOS X El Capitan and MacOS Sierra.

3. Stream Mobile Games to Twitch

  1. To start, open Reflector 3 to wirelessly mirror your device screen to your computer instead of using a cable. Connect your mobile device to Reflector using its native AirPlay or Cast technology. We recommend mirroring your device screen to Reflector first.
  2. Open Gameshow from your computer Applications.
  3. Gameshow may prompt you to “Register” to be informed about new features and updates. Select “Skip” or “Register.”3.3.png
  4. Click “Start Streaming.”3.4.png
  5. Choose a template for your stream. You can choose one that is already formatted for the game you are streaming, or you can make your own.
  6. In this example we chose to use the “Game” template. Yours may differ.3.5.png
  7. Click “Next”
  8. Next is configuring your document
    1. Stream To: Twitch
    2. Game Title: Enter and select the game you want to stream
    3. Encoder (we are using x264)
    4. Encoder Settings (we are using Twitch: 720p30 x264 1250 kbps)
    5. Twitch Server 3.8.png
  9. Click “Next”
  10. Continue configuring your document
    1. Game Source Type: Computer 
    2. Game Process: Select Reflector 3
    3. Window: Your device name and type should automatically appear (if your device is connected to Reflector 3) 3.10.png
  11. Click “Next”
  12. The Gameshow window will appear on your screen
  13. The document that you just configured will appear under “Master Layer 1” in the template you selected3.12.png
  14. Click on your document so it appears in your preview in the Gameshow window3.14.png
  15. Click “Output” in the menu bar and select “Output Settings” 3.15.png
  16. Select your stream settings
    1. Destination: Twitch
    2. Authenticate Twitch account
    3. Ingest Server (same as what you selected when configuring document)
    4. Encoder (same as what you selected when configuring document)
    5. Encoding (same as what you selected when configuring document)
    6. Optional: Record Settings 3.16.png
  17. Click “OK”
  18. Click “Output” in the menu bar, hover over “Start/Stop Broadcasting” and select “Start Twitch: [stream key]” 3.18.png
  19. Click “Output” again, hover over “Twitch” and select “Active Broadcast.” This will open up your Twitch account in your preferred browser. 3.19.png
  20. Click “Go” below your preview window in Gameshow


21.  What you see in the Gameshow window should be the same image that appears in your “Video Preview” on your Twitch dashboard page and on your channel homepage. There may be a slight delay of up to 30 seconds.3.21.png

Note: It may take a few minutes to connect depending on your network conditions. Additionally, you may need to refresh the Twitch website if the stream does not appear immediately.

Now you’re ready to share your gaming skills with your Twitch audience. Get the Reflector screen-mirroring software to begin live streaming your iOS or Android devices to Twitch. 

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April 4, 2017

Reflector for Android 2.7.1 is Available

Reflector for Android version 2.7.1 is now available on the Google Play Store.

This update fixes critical issues that could cause crashes when launching the app. 
Full release notes:
  • Resolved a crash on Android 4.2 devices
  • Added x86 Android device support
  • Resolved an issue transitioning from YouTube streaming back to screen mirroring 
  • Resolved an issue when rotating devices that could cause them to disappear 
  • Miscellaneous performance and stability improvements
  • You can download the update by visiting the Google Play Store on your device

This update also applies to Amazon Fire TV. Fire TV users should expect the update to be available soon.

March 7, 2016

Reflector for Android 2.1.1 is Available

Reflector for Android version 2.1.1 is now available on the Google Play Store.

This update allows Reflector to run in the background and continue to allow connections even when not visible on the screen. When a device connects, Reflector will automatically launch to the foreground and present the device.

You can download the update by visiting the Google Play Store on your device.

This update also applies to Amazon Fire TV. Fire TV users should expect the update to be available soon.

February 15, 2016

Reflector 2 Now Available For Android TV

Reflector Android

We’re excited to announce that Reflector 2 is available on Android TV for the first time. Users can now enjoy the same Reflector mirroring experience on their TV screen that they're accustomed to on their computer screens.

Newer Sony, Sharp and Phillips TVs come equipped with the Android operating system. In addition, Reflector is compatible with any set-top box using Android TV.

It’s now possible to mirror and stream content from a wide range of devices directly to your TV screen. Devices include:

Mirroring provides a real-time view of mobile devices on the TV. Streaming allows users to play movies, music and any other type of media files through the TV, wirelessly.

How to get Reflector 2 for Android

Download Reflector 2 for Android ($6.99) by visiting the Google Play store on your TV. Our recent updates include quality enhancements, many miscellaneous bug fixes, Android TV compatibility and YouTube, Vimeo and Hulu streaming support.

It’s safe to say this is a pretty major Reflector for Android update. Enjoy!

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