December 22, 2016

2016 Squirrels Holiday Party

It’s rare to see a Squirrels employee in a suit and tie or a dress and heels. So when we get the opportunity to trade in our t-shirts and jeans, we make the most of it. That’s exactly what we did this year at the 2016 Squirrels holiday party.

Squirrels Holiday 2016 Group

This year our annual party took place at Chop and Swizzle in Uniontown, Ohio. Although there was not an official theme like in years past, we were still able to enjoy a sophisticated evening filled with delicious food, prohibition-era handcrafted cocktails and an elegant atmosphere with our co-workers and significant others.

A Squirrels holiday party isn’t complete without a Secret Santa gift exchange. Squirrels employees were given the opportunity to randomly select a coworker to bring a gift for to extend the holiday cheer. Gifts included stationary, a 2017 Star Trek calendar, Tequilla, an electric wine bottle opener and chocolate, to name a few.

Squirrels Holiday 2016

All in all, it was a successful night of conversation, dancing, macaroon eating and gift giving. We wouldn’t have it any other way than the Squirrels way!

Relive the night with us by checking out more photos. Shoutout to Cardinal Family Photography for capturing some of the best moments of the night!



December 22, 2015

Squirrels’ 1940s-Inspired Holiday Party Takes Flight At MAPS Air Museum

The 2015 Squirrels holiday party featured World War II-era planes, a Frank Sinatra-inspired vocalist and a museum full of snazzy-looking Squirrels employees.

Our 1940s-themed holiday party took place at MAPS Air Museum in North Canton, Ohio, on December 11. The party was held in the museum’s hangar among classic military planes and helicopters.

The Squirrels team enjoyed a night full of laughs, cocktails and entertainment, but it also used the experience as a learning opportunity. Museum guides were on hand to educate our team about each individual aircraft, World War II and relics from the time period. The MAPS Gallery of Heroes was also open for our staff to view detailed models and period items depicting the lifestyles and American history of the mid 1900s.

The Squirrels team made sure to look like it belonged in the same room as all of that American history. Employees and their significant others were dressed as aviators, first-class citizens, detectives and various other men and women of the time period. We even had a milk man.

Relive the night with us by checking out some photos below and the rest of the photos on Facebook. Huge thanks to Retro Peacock Photos for taking all of these incredible photos and making us look good.

Squirrels Holiday 1940s 1Squirrels Holiday 1940s 2Squirrels Holiday 1940s 3Squirrels Holiday 1940s 4


Don't forget to check out more photos on the Squirrels Facebook!

December 23, 2014

‘Twas the Weekend Before Christmas

‘Twas the weekend before Christmas and you could tell by each grin, 

that everyone was anxious for the festivities to begin.

The halls were decked, decorations carefully placed,

ready to celebrate all weekend with great style and taste.

The employees were nestled snug in their office spaces,

making apps wasn’t the only thing bringing smiles to their faces.

Once everyone was draped in sweaters that made them look strange,

they met Friday to begin the white elephant exchange.

After everyone selected a gift, ready for a gag,

they tore each present from its wrapping (or Chipotle bag).

Some were funny, some useful, some that needed turned on,

but most of them dealt with happenings in ‘the john.’

With bellies full of cookies and gummy worms by the heap,

each employee went to bed early, too anxious to fall asleep.

For the next day was no average day, a festivity for the hearty,

it was the eve of the annual Squirrels Christmas Party.

On Saturday evening, in suits and dresses,
each Squirrel gathered to celebrate the year’s successes.

During dinner, Jon gave everyone his or her moment of fame,

in a surprise award ceremony, calling each person by name.

“On David! On Andrew!

On, Cody and Matt!

On, Sid! On, Cory!

Everyone accept your awards, stat!

To ‘The Squirreliest Squirrel!’

To ‘The Oldest Old Man!’

Now ‘The Office Cat!’ and ‘The Cutie Patootie!’

You’re all a wonderful clan!”

The festivities continued, dancing at lightning paces,

with plenty of photo shoots with our cardboard faces.

But as dawn arose and the sun came creeping,

everyone decided to spend all of Sunday sleeping.

This time of year, Squirrels would like to thank you,

our loyal customers, why we do what we do.

We hope your season is both merry and bright,

Happy holidays too all, and to all a good night!



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