April 20, 2016

How to stream the NBA playoffs to your TV if you don't have cable

It’s that magical time of year. The two-month NBA postseason is underway with 16 teams hoping to raise the Larry O’Brien trophy in June. But how will you watch your team’s playoff journey if you don’t have a cable or satellite connection?

Recent numbers suggest as many as 15 percent of Americans are now cord cutters and an additional nine percent have never subscribed to cable. Luckily, TNT Overtime lets you watch some of the games online without a cable subscription.

Pro tip: Make sure you have AirParrot 2 on your Mac or PC as well. AirParrot 2 allows you to wirelessly stream that live broadcast from TNT Overtime directly to Apple TV or Chromecast so you can experience all the action on the big screen. Seriously. AirParrot is worth the $12.99. Watching sports on your TV is so much better than watching on a small computer screen, especially if you’re in a room full of people.

Upcoming games on TNT Overtime:

Wednesday, April 20
Detroit @ Cleveland
Portland @ LA Clippers

Thursday, April 21
Golden State @ Houston

Saturday, April 23
Miami @ Charlotte

Sunday, April 24
Cleveland @ Detroit

TNT will broadcast many of the games in the first two rounds of the playoffs on Overtime. In addition, it holds exclusive rights to the entire Western Conference Finals. It's a great solution. Some might even argue that TNT Overtime provides a better NBA playoff viewing experience because of the unique camera angle selection it offers.

See? It’s going to be ok. The combination of TNT Overtime and AirParrot wireless laptop-to-TV streaming capabilities will let you experience LeBron James, Steph Curry, Dwyane Wade, James Harden and Chris Paul lighting up the hardwood as if you were there in person. Have fun!

Learn more about the AirParrot 2 desktop mirroring/streaming app.

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