July 18 , 2016

Why Screen Sharing Is Now A Must-Have Feature In Common Rooms

Screen-sharing is now a must-have feature of common rooms and public meeting spaces. It’s 2016. Our entire lives seem to revolve around our computers, but computers are inherently personal. When it’s time to show friends, family or coworkers what’s happening on those little computer screens, our infrastructure always seems to fall short.

We created the new Ditto screen-sharing service to make sure that’s not a problem anymore.

It’s simple:

  • Any room that has an Apple TV or Chromecast can sign up for a Ditto subscription
  • Ditto assigns that room a unique code word
  • Anybody with a Mac or PC can instantly (and wirelessly) share their screen to the big screen by entering that code word into connect.goditto.com

Cross-platform connections

Believe it or not, Mac users can wirelessly connect to Chromecasts, and PC users can wirelessly connect to Apple TVs. And vice versa.

Unlimited screen sharing

Ditto brings screen-sharing to an unlimited number of users because a subscription to the service runs on a room-by-room basis, not a user-by-user basis. This eliminates the need to spend thousands of dollars on individual user licenses.

Wireless screen sharing

We mentioned that it’s 2016, right? Wires and cords are no longer required to share content to the big screen. Things we recommend doing with those old cables:

  • Cut them
  • Throw them in the closet
  • Fashion them into abstract jewelry
  • Bury them in a time capsule but never dig the time capsule up again

Dongle Earring

Really, the list goes on. Just don’t use them to try to establish a restrictive, tangled, incompatible wire-based computer connection. Whew, onward!

Intuitive screen sharing

Are you in a building with multiple Apple TVs or Chromecasts? No problem! Ditto knows which Apple TV or Chromecast to connect your computer screen to the moment you enter the room’s code word at connect.goditto.com. So you don’t have to scroll through an endless list of AirPlay/Cast receivers and determine which one to select.

Full screen or app-specific screen-sharing

Upon connection, Ditto gives you the option to share your entire computer display or a single window/app to the Apple TV or Chromecast. This helps remove distractions and ensures that the other people in the common room don’t see anything they shouldn’t. Privacy matters!

Ditto Connection Table

Ditto screen sharing

Any peer, guest or friend can walk into the shared common area and instantly show their Mac or PC screen on the Chromecast/Apple TV-connected display.

To bring the Ditto screen-sharing service to your common room or shared meeting space, visit www.goditto.com.

July 14 , 2016

A Workplace Screen-Sharing Solution For Small Business

The latest business technology is often designed or priced for large companies with big budgets.

But that’s not our style.

Meet Ditto
Our latest screen-sharing service, Ditto, is practical and efficient in any workplace environment. Even the smallest teams of business professionals will enjoy the ability to share their computer screens instantly, wirelessly and without the all-too-common confusion that comes with cords, additional software and long lists of AirPlay/Cast receivers.


A meeting. A brainstorm. A touch base. A powwow. Call it what you want, but small businesses meet a lot. How do these professionals share the valuable data, documents and forecasts contained on their computer screens with everyone else in the room? There often isn’t a great answer for small businesses.

Cable and cord connections?
Bad. Using connector cords in your conference rooms is like using pencil and paper to write business documents. Cords have a tendency to be confusing, incompatible with a wide range of devices and they always seem to disappear from the conference room, don’t they?

Ditto is wireless.

Screen-sharing software?
While there are some good screen-sharing and streaming software solutions on the market, it often requires a larger budget and licenses for each individual user.

Permanent software requires routine updates from time to time. Ditto lives in the cloud, so it doesn’t take up computer storage space or require any user software updates, which is good because we know you all select “Update Later” every time anyway.

Don’t forget… no software management means no individual license management either!

How Ditto works
Ditto allows any employee or guest to instantly share their computer screen to any external display that’s connected to an Apple TV or Chromecast. When your business signs up for Ditto, each conference room or meeting space that has an Apple TV/Chromecast receives a unique Ditto room code. Anyone can instantly share their computer screen to the projector, TV or external display in the room simply by entering that code at connect.goditto.com.

Ditto Sign In

Yes, it’s really that easy.

Ditto is unlimited. Any employee or guest can use the service. If you have a client or business partner coming in for a meeting, that person can share their screen without needing special permissions or extra software to do it.


Priced for small business
Ditto is priced to be a viable solution for both small and large businesses. It runs on an annual fee per room, not per user like most business software. At $149.99/year per room, Ditto costs hundreds to thousands of dollars less than alternative screen-sharing solutions.

See? Your small business isn’t too small for the latest technology. Get started with Ditto by visiting www.goditto.com. As always, feel free to ask us any questions or give us feedback in the comment section below!

July 11 , 2016

Apple TV and Chromecast: Which Screen-Sharing Solution is Right for You?

There are two main players in the screen-mirroring arena right now: Apple TV and Chromecast. Both have pros and cons. We’ll discuss those differences along with Ditto, the newest screen-sharing service on the market.

While Apple TV and Chromecast were both created to solve content-sharing problems, they solve the problem differently.

Apple TV
Apple TV allows users to install apps like games, TV channels and movie/TV services such as Netflix and HBO Go. Apple TV was built to be a stand-alone unit. Users can plug it in and use the included remote to navigate menus and content.

The device pulls content from specified service providers when a user tells it to.

Both the new generation and previous generation Apple TV work this way, but the slightly older models require users to stick with preinstalled applications.

Chromecast was created to work with mobile devices and computers. The package does not include a remote, and when plugged in, the device will prompt the user to download a mobile application for setup. The mobile application works with both Android and iOS.

Unlike Apple TV, Chromecast does not rely on installed applications. Users push content to the device from mobile phones, tablets or computers.

Form Factor


Chromecast is meant to be hidden away behind a TV. Apple TV is meant to sit front and center for all to see.

Mobile Screen Sharing
Android users can easily share their device screen to a Chromecast. Likewise, iPad and iPhone users can easily share their screen to Apple TV. The process is similar for both setups. However, the two cannot cross. For example, iPad users cannot mirror their screen to a Chromecast and Android users cannot mirror their mobile device screen to Apple TV.

Desktop Screen Sharing
Apple users can easily share Mac screens to an Apple TV using the built in AirPlay feature. However, Apple users cannot share their entire computer display to Chromecast. Windows users actually can’t natively share their entire desktop to Apple TV or Chromecast.


Apple TV
Apple TV has been available for years. The device is currently in its fourth and most expensive iteration. The new Apple TV is priced at $149 and $199 depending on storage options. The slightly older third-generation Apple TV is priced at $69.

The currently available 2nd-generation Chromecast retails for $35. For users who don’t need the bells and whistles of an Apple TV, it’s the more cost-effective option.

Alternative Screen-Sharing Solutions
Our team specializes in screen-sharing solutions that allow everyone, regardless of their operating system, to share to either receiver (Apple TV or Chromecast). In the screen-mirroring world, our products don’t care which receiver you use. We have bridged the technological divide between the set-top boxes and receivers created by tech giants such as Apple and Google.

Our AirParrot 2 software allows individual Mac and PC users alike to share their screen to Apple TV or Chromecast. AirParrot even allows users to mirror and stream to both Apple TV and Chromecast simultaneously, if needed.

Ditto, our newest offering, bridges this gap for organizations that may not want to purchase software for every employee and guest. It brings a unified and consistent screen-sharing experience to conference rooms and meeting spaces in any business, school or institution.

Desktop Screen SharingMultiple Users
Use the Ditto screen-sharing service to mirror employee and guest screens to Chromecast or Apple TV. Ditto is a service that allows unlimited screen sharing to a receiver regardless of the user. Ditto is priced per room, not per user, so your business doesn’t need to pay for a software license for each individual employee or guest.

Single User
AirParrot 2 is a robust, dynamic screen-mirroring and media-streaming software. It allows a single user to mirror their desktop or a single application to one or more receivers (Apple TV, Chromecast or Reflector-enabled computers) simultaneously. Once installed on a user’s computer, they can mirror their screen, stream media or extend their desktop to the appropriate receiver.

Apple TV or Chromecast?
Which solution is right for you? There isn't an easy answer! It completely depends on your personal or business-related screen-sharing needs, the devices you have available and the third party screen-sharing services you choose to use.

Learn more about our industry-leading screen mirroring and streaming solutions at www.airsquirrels.com.

July 5 , 2016

Use Ditto for Screen Sharing in the Conference Room

It takes just one good idea to completely alter a way of life. Apple transformed music consumption with iTunes. Dropbox transformed digital file storage and sharing with its cloud-based storage service. As for the Squirrels team? Well, we just transformed all of your future business meetings with our Ditto screen-sharing service.


Ditto is an automatic, unlimited screen-sharing service designed for any conference room equipped with an Apple TV or Chromecast. The Apple TV or Chromecast in each one of your conference rooms receives a unique Ditto code. This allows any employee, speaker or guest to share their Mac or PC screen to the big screen instantly by visiting www.goditto.com and entering the code.

Ditto is wireless, so you can leave the antiquated cord-connection method in the past. It’s also cloud based, so it doesn’t require complicated and complex software licenses for each individual who wants to share content to the big screen. An unlimited number of users can share their computer screen in any Ditto-enabled conference room. Yes, unlimited. You, your coworkers, a random passerby on the street…anybody can walk into a Ditto-enabled room and share their computer screen instantly. Crazy, right?

It’s 2016. It shouldn’t be hard for people to share important documents, presentations and proposals to a roomful of peers and coworkers. Ditto removes technological barriers to make screen sharing easy. Truly easy. Mac users can wirelessly share their screen to Apple TV AND Chromecast. PC users can wirelessly share their screen to Apple TV and Chromecast as well.

Multiple Apple TVs or Chromecasts in the workplace
What if you have multiple Apple TVs or Chromecast devices in your workplace? Ditto automatically knows which one a user is trying to connect to based on the code that’s entered at https://account.goditto.com/connect. That’s right. That means there’s no more, “What’s the name of this conference room again? Are we in conference room four or six?”

Ditto screen sharing price
At just $149.99/year per room, Ditto is hundreds to thousands of dollars cheaper than alternative conference room screen-sharing solutions.

Any questions? Let us know in the comments below! You can also learn more or begin your 30-day free Ditto trial at www.goditto.com.

Bonus: Discover what makes connecting to an Apple TV with Ditto better than connecting via standard AirPlay. Or, learn a little-known Apple TV feature that will make connecting to Ditto even easier.

June 29 , 2016

How to use Ditto to Connect to a Computer Running Reflector 2

Ditto and Reflector 2Ditto is a versatile screen-sharing solution. It allows anyone to easily share their computer screen to a display connected to an Apple TV, Chromecast or any computer equipped with our Reflector 2 software.

Conference room displays and TVs are commonly powered by a computer so presenters can incorporate software for note taking and online conferencing. If that computer is also equipped with Reflector 2—a software that receives AirPlay and Google Cast connections—then others in the room can wirelessly share their iOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac and PC screens to the conference room display.

So how does our Ditto Mac/PC screen-sharing service work with our Reflector AirPlay/Google Cast receiving app? It’s surprisingly simple!

The process is similar to setting up a Chromecast or Apple TV. To begin, be sure you’ve downloaded and installed the Reflector 2 screen-mirroring receiver on your Mac or PC.

Once installed, open Reflector 2. The computer will begin broadcasting as an available receiver for iOS and Android devices. Our Ditto configuration utility will also see Reflector 2 running on the computer and allow it as a supported receiver. The configuration utility is the easiest and best way to add a Reflector-enabled computer to your Ditto account. Alternatively, you can manually add the computer to your Ditto account by entering the receiving computer’s information in the Ditto account portal.

Once the computer running Reflector 2 is added to Ditto, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can wirelessly share their screen to the Reflector-enabled computer. All they have to do is visit connect.goditto.com and enter the Reflector-enabled computer’s unique Ditto code.

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