May 5 , 2015

Celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Day 2015

Teachers are the foundation of the future. They mold minds and inspire students to find their passions and unique set of skills, all while encouraging students to apply them in meaningful ways.

#TeacherAppreciationWeek 2015 is May 4-8. As a part of the week, Teacher Appreciation Day (May 5th) is a special opportunity to thank a teacher that has changed you for the better. Take the time today and the rest of this week to reflect on the value of educators in your community and our society as a whole.

Check out these resources to get your appreciation efforts started:

  • How To Appreciate a Teacher – Celebrate a teacher that has impacted your life. Change the tone of education news and show the world the positive impact of educators.
  • 10 Quotes About Teachers – Teachers have impacted a lot of the prominent figures in history. Read what they have to say about the influence of educators.
  • Get Involved – Take to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hash tags #ThankATeacher and #TeacherAppreciationWeek to spread the word. 

Teachers, enjoy these resources to get the most out of your week:

November 17 , 2014

Learn More About American Education Week

American Education Week is an annual event celebrating the education field as a whole. Held from November 17- 21, #aew14 is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the individuals who ensure each student receives a quality educational experience. American Education Week is about everyone from the teachers themselves to the cafeteria staff.

The theme this year is “Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility.” Each day’s agenda is molded to commemorate a different sector of the public education ecosystem.

Monday, November 17th – Kickoff Day

  • Schools across the United States will host kickoff events.

Tuesday, November 18th – Parents Day

  • Parents will be invited into classrooms to get a better idea of a day in the life of their student.

Wednesday, November 19th – Education Support Professionals Day

  • Education Support Professionals often go unrecognized as a crucial part of the safety and wellbeing of each student. Bus drivers, maintenance workers, secretaries and cafeteria staff keep schools running smoothly. Use this day to acknowledge the commitment of each ESP to their jobs and the community. 

Thursday, November 20th – Educator for a Day

  • Schools will invite community leaders to shadow an educator as an opportunity to experience the triumphs and challenges of meeting the needs of each and every student.

Friday, November 21st – Substitute Educators Day

  • The final day of #aew14 honors substitute teachers and their role in maintaining daily education. 

We encourage everyone to take the time each day to thank a professional in the education field for their dedication. Visit the American Education Week Tour – Nashville on Storify for updates all week long. 

November 4 , 2014

AirParrot for Chrome: The New Teacher’s Pet

Last Monday, Squirrels launched AirParrot for Chrome OS, becoming the first screen mirroring solution for Chromebooks! Many have welcomed this functionality, but the field of education has taken a particular interest. Gaining the ability to mirror entire Chromebook screens has opened new doors for educators and administrators alike.

The affordability and manageability of Chromebooks has made them perfect for classroom environments. With AirParrot for Chrome, you’ll get the most out of your device! Our software is loaded with features that have many uses in the classroom:

  • Wireless screen mirroring – Unlike Chromecast, AirParrot allows you to wirelessly mirror your entire screen. Show presentations and student work on the big screen to captivate the classroom.
  • Easy use, recognition and deployment – AirParrot for Chrome OS is completely based through Google accounts. See Chromebook usernames when mirroring, and switch licenses from account to account at the end of the school year. We deploy the licenses, Chrome Application Deployment does the rest.
  • Quick Connect Codes – If traditional discovery isn’t an option because of limited network connections, connect to your destination using Quick Connect Codes. See your common destinations in a recent receiver list: a part of our beautiful new interface.
  • Allows mirroring to popular destinations like an Apple TV or Reflector – Wirelessly mirror your screen to Apple TV, Reflector and more; hardware and software that’s already common in today’s classrooms.

 Like Chromebooks, AirParrot for Chrome OS is a budget friendly option. The software can be purchased through the Chrome Web Store for $9.99 individually or purchased in bulk through the Squirrels sales team. Try AirParrot for Chrome OS today and unleash the potential of your classroom! 

June 17 , 2014

Squirrels in the Classroom

The Squirrels team visited Mrs. Melissa Vetrick’s 5th grade science and language arts class to see how they use Reflector with their classroom set of iPads.

She loves Reflector because it gives her the ability to walk around the classroom and monitor students while still changing the content and teaching. She also likes demonstrating assignments to all of her students simultaneously. “I used to walk around to 6 different tables to explain what the students need to do. With Reflector, I teach it once.” 

Her students love it too! They are now enthusiastic to share their projects, papers and creativity with the entire class. In one assignment, Mrs. Vetrick used the Educreations app to have groups of students create individual steps for the scientific method. Once finished, the entire class had to collaborate and put all of the steps together and present their end result with Reflector.

We had a great time and thank Mrs. Vetrick and her class for letting us come to their school. Check out some of the pictures we took during our visit:






June 12 , 2014

ISTE 2014: Pro tips & Conference Badge Giveaway

Attending #ISTE2014? We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your conference experience! We’re also giving away a full pass to the conference below.

  • Take care of yourself - Bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated, snacks to stay energized, comfortable shoes for walking and get some sleep so you can take in everything ISTE has to offer. 
  • Come prepared - Print address labels with your relevant contact information or bring business cards. This will save time and inaccuracies when providing someone with contact information. Also, don’t forget your device charger!
  • Spend your time wisely - There won’t be time to do everything… make the most of the time you have available! A lot of vendors will have the option to get most of their information online, so take that into factor when budgeting your time.
  • Get social - Don’t be afraid to talk to people! Even if you’re attending alone, don’t hesitate to approach people… you’ll be surprised how much you learn.
  • #ISTE2014 - Follow the hashtag on twitter to keep up with everything that’s happening! Twitter is a great way to share what you’re learning and learn from others who are attending. Can’t make the show? Follow the hashtag for quick recaps!
  • Stop by and say hi! - The Squirrels team at booth #3660! Come learn helpful information about taking your connected classroom to the next level, enter the prize drawing and meet our awesome staff.

Not attending #ISTE2014? We are giving away a full conference badge and 10 Expo passes (travel, lodging, and other expenses not included) to one lucky winner. 

Good luck!

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