March 30, 2016

How to Turn Your iPad into an Extended Desktop for Mac

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If you ask a random sampling of iPad owners how they use their tablet, you’ll likely get drastically different answers based on the individual.

To some people, an iPad is a relaxation tool used to read books, play games or stay up to date on social media while on the road. Others use it as a business tool to collect data, present or take notes. Our new AirParrot Remote iOS app now lets you use that iPad as an extra monitor for your Mac!

The AirParrot Remote “Extend Desktop” feature turns your iPad into a wireless extra display for your computer. You can drag documents, apps and browsers from your computer to your iPad, just as you would with any extra monitor connected via the old wired connection method.

All you need to use your iPad as an extended desktop is the latest version of our AirParrot 2 software installed on your Mac and the AirParrot Remote app on your iPad.

  1. Connect your MacBook and iPad to the same Wi-Fi network
  2. Open the latest version of AirParrot 2 on your MacBook
  3. Open the AirParrot Remote app on your iPad
  4. Select your computer from the list of available devices in the AirParrot Remote menu to connect
  5. Tap the “Extend Desktop” option in AirParrot Remote and then tap the desktop preview image at the top of the AirParrot Remote menu
  6. Now your iPad is working as an extra display for your computer! You may drag files, windows and applications from your computer to your iPad.

Protip: This feature is used to create an extra display, but it doubles as a way to remotely control your computer’s mouse and keyboard. You can actually edit documents and manage apps running on your computer from the iPad. Pretty cool, right?

You can grab AirParrot 2 for $12.99 in our online store and the new AirParrot Remote app for $6.99 in the Apple App Store.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any comments or questions in the replies below! We’re happy to help.

March 28, 2016

How to Display Digital Signage with AirParrot Remote

Digital Signage with AirParrot 2 and AirParrot Remote

Digital signage is part of our everyday lives. It’s found on screens in malls, airports, car dealerships, restaurants, universities and sports venues. Marketers spend hours carefully crafting attention-grabbing messaging to promote deals, features, offers, rewards or events.

The AirParrot 2 and AirParrot Remote combo makes it really easy to deliver your digital signage across multiple screens simultaneously.

AirParrot 2 ($12.99) lets you stream all of your great content from one computer to multiple digital displays at once! Even better, our new AirParrot Remote iOS app ($6.99) lets you build repeating playlists in AirParrot so you can press play and walk away while your digital signage is on display all day. Did we just rhyme?

Any Apple TV, Chromecast or Reflector-enabled device can receive AirParrot 2 connections. As long as you have AirParrot 2 running on one computer, you can use AirParrot Remote to create the playlist and select the destinations for that playlist all from the palm of your hand.

We do this in the office all the time. Except instead of digital ads, we create photo collages of our Photoshop Friday battles to put on display for all of our visitors. Those Photoshop Friday collaborations can get pretty….weird. We included one of the photos below for your entertainment.

Squirrels Photoshop FridaySquirrels Photoshop Friday

Learn more about the AirParrot 2 desktop mirroring/streaming app and the AirParrot Remote iOS app. You can grab AirParrot 2 from our website (or a free trial) and AirParrot Remote from the Apple App Store.

March 23, 2016

How to use your iPad as a Second Screen While Presenting

Our new AirParrot Remote app is the perfect companion for your next big presentation. With AirParrot Remote, you can access the presentation software running on your Mac or PC from your iPad. How is this possible? Well, we’re pretty sure our developers are wizards.

Ok, so maybe they’re just really good at their jobs.

AirParrot Remote delivers the “Presenter View” of presentation software such as PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi to your iPad while showing the “Audience View” on the big screen. Presenters can walk around the room and keep their audience engaged while changing slides and accessing notes from their iPad.

AirParrot Remote as a Second Screen

To use your iPad as a second, controllable screen while presenting:

  1. Connect your laptop to a projector via wire
  2. Open AirParrot 2 on the laptop
  3. Open AirParrot Remote on your iPad and wirelessly connect to AirParrot 2
  4. Select “Extend Desktop” from the AirParrot Remote menu
  5. Open the presentation software on your computer and enable Presenter View

That’s it! Now you’re ready to command the attention of any room. The Presenter View is in your hands while everyone else is viewing the audience-friendly presentation at the front of the room. This feature is especially useful for longer presentations where notes come in handy, such as product pitches, new client proposals and funding requests.

That’s just one of many great features in our AirParrot Remote iOS app. Learn more about AirParrot Remote here or pick it up on the App Store for $6.99.

March 21, 2016

AirParrot Remote: A Tool For The Living Room


AirParrot Remote is a couch potato’s dream. It takes being lazy to a whole new level by giving you the full list of AirParrot 2 features and controls on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. That’s right. Leave your computer on the desk where it belongs because you don’t need it beside you to mirror your computer or stream songs and videos to your TV anymore.

Screen mirroring and streaming your computer to your big screen TV has always been cool, but was it convenient? It is now.

Without AirParrot Remote
Without AirParrot Remote, lounge time is constantly interrupted. Each time you want to stream or mirror something to your TV, you need to access your computer. So your laptop must be sitting by you on the couch, end stand or pillow. We cringe thinking about the brightness in your peripheral vision.

If the computer isn't beside you, then you have to get up and walk to it.

Ugh. Talk about ruining the vibe.

With AirParrot Remote
Open the AirParrot Remote app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You will be able to control the AirParrot 2 software running on your computer no matter where the computer is located in the house. AirParrot Remote allows you to control your computer’s mouse and keyboard from your phone. So, not only can you begin mirroring your computer display and select media files to stream, you can also open a document, view it on your TV and begin editing it from your phone or tablet. Crazy, right?

Goodbye, nightmares
Do you know what couch potatoes have nightmares about? Effort. So we used AirParrot Remote as an opportunity to add playlist support to keep things ultra easy.

Previously, AirParrot could only stream one media file from a computer to Apple TV, Chromecast or AirPlay-enabled speakers at a time. Now you can use your mobile device to create large playlists full of songs and movies you’d like to play in order. Minimal effort. Optimal relaxation. You’re welcome.

For all the couch potatoes
We all have our couch potato moments. Things should be easy when you’re in couch potato mode. AirParrot Remote does just that – it makes life easier! It brings control of AirParrot 2 to your phone or tablet so you can begin streaming and mirroring your Mac or PC without ever leaving the couch.

Learn more about AirParrot Remote. You can purchase this iOS app in the Apple App Store ($6.99).

Note: Make sure you have the most recent AirParrot 2 update running on your Mac or PC to ensure compatibility with AirParrot Remote. The latest AirParrot 2 update is free for current AirParrot 2 customers. If you do not already have AirParrot 2, it costs just $12.99 in our online store.

March 14, 2016

Introducing AirParrot Remote

Some of the best days here at Squirrels are the days we release a new app to the world. Months of planning, developing, testing, writing and designing come to an end as we launch the finished product. The only thing left is excitement and anticipation.

Today we’re proud to announce the release of our latest iOS app, AirParrot Remote.

AirParrot Remote allows you to control our AirParrot 2 desktop screen-mirroring software from an iPhone or iPad. You can now begin mirroring and streaming from your Mac or PC to Apple TV, Chromecast or any Reflector-enabled device without ever touching your computer. This includes computer apps, videos, audio files, documents and presentations.

AirParrot Remote

In addition to remote controls for AirParrot 2 features, AirParrot Remote adds important new features.

Remote desktop control

AirParrot Remote can be used to control the mouse and keyboard on any computer running AirParrot 2. Think of the possibilities. Business professionals no longer need to bring their computer into the conference room to mirror a screen or presentation. With the AirParrot Remote app, a user can command a computer located elsewhere in the office to begin mirroring or streaming to the conference room Apple TV or Chromecast.

Similarly, you no longer need to have a computer sitting on the couch beside you to stream and mirror your favorite movies, songs and desktop applications. Do it all from your iPhone or iPad.

Playlist support

AirParrot Remote allows you to create media streaming playlists for the first time. You’ve all been asking for this feature, and we’re happy to give it to you!

Previously, AirParrot 2 users could only select one media file to stream at a time. This was a tedious process for users wanting to stream multiple music files to Apple TV, Chromecast or AirPlay-enabled speakers.

Live desktop previews

The AirParrot Remote live desktop preview feature allows you to check out a real-time view of your Mac or PC screen before you begin mirroring it to an Apple TV, Chromecast or Reflector-enabled device. It’s always good to check what’s on your screen before you show it to a roomful of people.

AirParrot Remote Desktop Preview

Simply put, we’re proud of AirParrot Remote. What started as a simple control app evolved into an entirely new product with a host of new streaming and mirroring features and capabilities for AirPlay and Google Cast technology. We hope you enjoy AirParrot Remote as much as we do!

AirParrot Remote is available now in the App Store for $6.99. If you need our AirParrot 2 desktop screen-mirroring app, you can grab that on our online store for $12.99. If you already have AirParrot 2, make sure you are running the most up to date version, as older versions are not compatible with AirParrot Remote.

For more information about AirParrot Remote, visit As always, leave any comments or questions in the replies below. We’re happy to hear your feedback!

AirParrot Remote

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