June 11 , 2014

Slingshot and Mobile Application Development

Sharing unfinished or non-production iOS applications with clients and peers is no easy task. We run into provisioning problems, emailing large files, UI miscommunications; the list goes on.

Slingshot allows developers to demo applications in real time. There is no complicated setup or third-part software. Just connect your device to a computer running Slingshot and everyone in your Slingshot session can see what you’re doing.

Check out some Slingshot features that make iOS and mobile app development easy:

  • Built by developers - We understand the pains of client communication. Slingshot was built for easy sharing and collaboration by all.
  • iOS MirroringShare your iPad or iPhone to anyone in a session. There are no cables or complicated file installations involved! Provisioning problems are a thing of the past.
  • Webcam Chat - Clients can be all over the world, and meeting face-to-face isn’t always possible. Webcam chat brings everyone together in one place.
  • File Sharing - Email doesn’t allow sending large files, and using file sharing services just adds another step for confusion. Slingshot instantly and securely shares the important files you need others to see.
  • Cross Platform -  Slingshot works on Windows and Mac computers, and it works on today’s popular mobile devices. Share iOS devices with Windows computers, or share your Windows screen to a Mac.

Slingshot is free for 30 days. Try it!


May 13 , 2014

Slingshot for iOS version 1.0.1 is available

Slingshot for iOS version 1.0.1 is now available!

This version eliminates an “Already in a Subscription” error when joining a subscription from the trial. It also corrects an issue that caused crashes when leaving a session in some cases. 

Full release notes for version 1.0.1 can be found here: http://www.airsquirrels.com/slingshot/release-notes/ios/

You can download this update by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the File menu. The new version of Slingshot can also be downloaded from here: http://www.airsquirrels.com/slingshot/download/

February 3 , 2014

Show touches with NRTouchPoints

If you’re an iOS developer, you may be looking for a way to show touch points through Reflector. This is a great added bonus to recording your application. Creating demo videos is now easy and painless—requiring less post production.

Check out NRTouchPoints on GitHub.

NRTouchPoints is a UIWindow subclass that simulates user touches on screen. Once included in your application, user taps will be shown through Reflector. 

January 22 , 2014

Gaming with Reflector

If you’ve ever played a game on your iPhone or iPad, you know that showing others your success, or even playing with friends was troublesome. A group of friends gazing over your shoulder was the only way to demonstrate what you were doing. 

Enter: Reflector.

The days of gaming on a tiny screen are gone. iOS gaming can be done on any size screen with Reflector. Just connect your iPhone or iPad to Reflector and everyone can see what you’re doing! Playing with friends is even easier. Connect multiple devices and play against opponents in real time—on a bigger screen!

Reflector installs on a Mac or a PC and streams your iPhone, iPod or iPad screen in real time. You can chose to mirror with a device frame for a realistic feel, or you can go full screen to get the biggest picture.

Download the Reflector trial to start gaming on the big screen!


To demonstrate the power of Reflector while gaming, we’ve partnered with Kiip for the 2014 Mobile Gaming Championship. Gamers will be using Reflector to connect their iOS devices to their computer. You can watch the championships live on Twitch.tv January 24th, 25th, and 26th. 

November 5 , 2013

Record your iPad or iPhone with Reflector

UPDATE (3/21/14):

Windows version 1.3.4 adds recording support for Windows 8. Please be sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Reflector. 


One of the many built-in features of Reflector is iOS recording. Without any extra hardware or software, Reflector can easily record your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch screen. 

Recording makes reviewing and demoing iOS apps easy. Instead of physically recording a device with a camera, Reflector records the screen directly. There’s no need to plug the device into a hardware recorder either. Just connect to Reflector as you would any other AirPlay receiver and press record! Any audio coming from the device will also be saved. If you would like to add your voice or sound effects, you’ll need to add that in post production with video editing software.

Recording is currently available on OS X 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9. It’s also available on Windows 7. Any device that can connect to an AirPlay Mirroring receiver can be recorded with Reflector. 

Recording your iPhone, iPod or iPad with a Mac

To start recording on a Mac, connect your device and press CMD+R. Alternatively, you can select “Start Recording” from the device menu. 


While you’re recording, you’ll see a timer indicating the length of your current recording. 


To stop a recording, select “Stop Recording” from the device menu, or press CMD+R on your keyboard. 


When you’ve stopped the recording, you’ll be asked where you would like to save the recording file and if you want to include device frames in the recording. 


Recording your iPhone, iPod or iPad with Windows

Recording your device with Reflector for Windows is currently only available on Windows 7. 

To start recording on Windows, connect your device and press ALT+R. Alternatively, you can right click on the mirror stream and select “Start Recording” from the menu. 


While you’re recording, you’ll see a timer indicating the length of your current recording. 


To stop a recording, right click and select “Stop Recording” from the menu, or press ALT+R on your keyboard. 


When you’ve stopped the recording, you’ll be asked where you would like to save the recording file. Saving frames with a Windows recording isn’t currently offered.


Reflector makes creating tutorials and walk-through videos easy. Any device that supports iOS mirroring can be recorded. Questions about recording? Our support portal might help!

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