February 28, 2017

Introducing ClassHub: Advanced Student Device Management and Monitoring for K-12 Education

ClassHub-2.pngThe latest classroom technology from Squirrels LLC resolves a longstanding issue for educators, district administrators and EdTech professionals.

Technology such as Chromebooks, iPads, MacBooks and Windows devices are now commonplace in classrooms, but teachers are generally powerless when it comes to managing and monitoring those devices. 

Our global network of EdTech experts and countless conference attendees have expressed this frustration to us through the years. We listened to their feedback and created something that combines collaboration, device management and device monitoring capabilities into one tidy package. It’s called ClassHub. CH 1.png

What is ClassHub?

ClassHub aids instruction by giving educators a way to manage and monitor student devices from the ClassHub Classroom Manager that runs on a teacher’s Mac or Windows computer. Once teachers open ClassHub, they can:

  • See each and every student device screen in the classroom
  • Push content and messages to student devices
  • Lock student devices into a specific app… or lock devices entirely
  • Initiate teacher-to-student or student-to-teacher screen sharing
  • Install and remove apps across devices
  • Open webpages across devices
  • Send alert notifications to student devices

ClassHub is an important second step for any school or district that has acquired classroom devices. We made it easy to deploy, and we’re committed to providing the professional development needed to get districts started.

ClassHub for students

In addition to the ClassHub Classroom Manager for teacher computers, there is a companion application for student devices that connects each device to ClassHub. We understand the diverse technology environments in many schools today. That’s why we made the ClassHub companion application compatible with 97 percent of student devices, including:

  • iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
  • Chromebook
  • Surface Pro and other Windows devices
  • MacBook

ClassHub for school IT administrators

In most cases, ClassHub will be deployed by your school or district IT administrator. Our ClassHub web portal gives IT professionals an easy way to manage or view status details for every iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, Mac and Windows device in a school or district.

IT Image.png

Student security and privacy

We get it. Student information security is a hot-button issue. ClassHub is FERPA and SOPIPA compliant, and we are committed to working with each district to ensure compliance with student data and privacy policies.

How to bring ClassHub to your school or district

We’ve partnered with the Clever student information system (SIS) integration service to make ClassHub setup and deployment as easy as possible. You can expect to have it up and running in a few weeks. We know you will have additional questions about ClassHub, student privacy, implementation and professional development opportunities for educators and staff. We’re happy to answer all of them.

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February 28, 2017

Reflector 2.7 adds ClassHub Device Management and Monitoring Support

Reflector 2.7 is now available for Mac and Windows. This release adds support for ClassHub, a new student device management and monitoring solution from Squirrels. 
Want to know more about ClassHub and how it can benefit your school or district? Let's Talk!
You can update Reflector 2 by selecting “Check for Updates” from the Reflector 2 preferences menu. Additionally, you can download the new version from the Reflector 2 download page
Reflector 2.7 release notes: 
  • Added support for our new classroom product, ClassHub, a student device management and monitoring system for teachers
  • Improved AirPlay audio streaming quality
  • Improved reliability of Google Cast connections
  • Resolved an issue that prevented a device name from updating after closing preferences
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Added support for our new classroom product, ClassHub, a student device management and monitoring system for teachers
  • Improved AirPlay audio streaming quality
  • Improved reliability of Google Cast connections
  • Resolved an issue that could result in broken UI when snapping a Reflector device window
  • Resolved an issue that prevented a device name from updating after closing preferences
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements
June 1, 2016

Ditto Brings Unlimited Screen Sharing to Meetings and Events

Ditto Icon

The first five minutes of any meeting can be tense. Everyone in the room looks on as their co-worker, speaker or guest fumbles through a cringeworthy game of screen sharing by trial and error.

The following series of increasingly frantic questions are spoken aloud to nobody in particular. “How do I share my computer screen to the TV? Which cord do I plug in? Is it possible to connect wirelessly? Should we call the IT person? DO WE HAVE AN IT PERSON!?”

Businesses, schools and institutions deal with this problem every day. Not anymore.


We’re excited to introduce the world to Ditto, a smart screen-sharing solution designed for any meeting space where employees, guests or speakers need to share their computer screens to Apple TV- and Chromecast-connected displays.

Ditto is a cloud-based service that automatically connects users to the appropriate conference room TV or projector. You no longer need to fumble through software installations, wire connections or end-user configuration hassles. Ditto knows exactly which screen you’d like to share your computer screen to and does it for you.

Ditto was designed for use by the common professional. You don’t have to be a tech genius to share your screen.

Ditto Logo


Ditto makes screen sharing easy. Really, really easy. When your company or institution signs up for Ditto, each conference room or meeting space with an Apple TV or Chromecast receives a unique Ditto code. Whenever a meeting begins, anyone in the room can automatically share their screen to the big screen simply by entering the easily readable Ditto code at connect.goditto.com.

The best part? It brings unlimited screen sharing to any office. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can share their screen without cables or costly software for each individual computer.

Bliss. Sweet, screen-sharing bliss.


Ditto is hundreds to thousands of dollars per year less than alternative conference screen-sharing solutions. It starts at just $149.99/year per room.

We’d love to tell you all about Ditto! To get started, visit www.goditto.com or contact us! Ditto Accent

April 15, 2015

Introducing Reflector 2!

Reflector 2 is the result of years of experience with screen mirroring and sharing. It’s a completely rethought and redesigned application containing a number of game-changing features. With this launch, we’re excited to announce Reflector 2 as the world’s first Google Cast mirroring receiver for Mac and Windows that doesn’t limit device connections or require a subscription .  

What’s new in Reflector 2?

We listened to your feedback and built Reflector 2 around your needs. Check out some new features included in the upgrade. 

  • Android Device Support
    • Mirror Android phones and tablets to Reflector 2 using Google Cast. Everything previously only possible with iPads and iPhones can now be done with Google Cast-enabled Android devices. 
  • Chromebook Support
    • Mirror Chromebooks to Reflector using the Google Cast extension in the Chrome browser.
  • Smart Layouts
    • When multiple devices are connected, Reflector will automatically adjust the device screens for a clean look. Easily emphasize a specific device or enable full-screen mode. Take the guesswork out of organizing devices, and spend more time concentrating on what’s important.
  • Recording Improvements
    • Record any connected device screen – Google Cast or AirPlay. Add voice over audio while recording the screen to create tutorials and learning materials instantly, and even include multiple devices in one recording.  Coming soon, include webcam video and stream directly to YouTube in real time!
  • Device Management
    • A new device menu makes managing connected devices easy. Change device preferences or alter display settings all from one convenient area. The UI has been completely overhauled to give you an easier way to manage Reflector.
  • Reflector Director
    • The Reflector Director iOS companion app is the easiest way to manage devices connected to Reflector. Use the application on an iPad or iPhone to decide which screens are displayed and how they appear. Remotely show, hide and disconnect devices, and change display settings from anywhere in the room.

Much more….

Reflector 2 is the biggest update Reflector has ever seen. Check out all the new and improved features here.

Want Reflector 2 now?

Reflector 2 is a paid upgrade. Current users should check their email for a discount. New users can purchase Reflector 2 from the Squirrels store. Hurry, introductory discounts end soon!

November 21, 2014

Introducing AirParrot 2

AirParrot 2 is a completely designed upgrade. Along with a great new interface, it introduces new ways to share and display content. AirParrot 2 is full of features we know you’ll love at work and at home. 


What’s new in AirParrot 2?

AirParrot 2 is a major overhaul for AirParrot. Check out some of the features we’ve included in this upgrade:

New Receivers
Beam content to Chromecast, Apple TV, Reflector and AirPlay enabled speakers.

Media Streaming

Stream movies and music to media receivers. Streaming means no stuttering or lag. AirParrot 2 will even stream surround sound if the media file supports it!

Multiple Destinations

Connect to any number of destinations at the same time. Send your content anywhere you’d like. Beaming music to multiple receivers even happens in sync!

Audio Only Support

Send system audio or audio from a specific application to a receiver. AirPlay speakers are now supported, and any device that supports mirroring can receive audio only!

Bluetooth Discovery and Quick Connect
Using Bluetooth for discovery allows devices to see each other when complex networks may prevent communication. Our patent-pending Quick Connect ™ technology easily connects AirParrot to Reflector, too!

Pause Mirroring

Quickly disable mirroring by pausing feeds instead of disconnecting. Pause mirroring while you pull up a new document or work on sensitive material. 

Recent Connections

Keep track of recently connected devices. AirParrot remembers the last five connected devices and displays them if they’re available.

Want a better look at what’s changed? Check out the AirParrot and AirParrot 2 comparison.

Get AirParrot 2

AirParrot 2 is a paid upgrade. Current users should check their email for a discount code. New users can purchase AirParrot 2 from the Squirrels store


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