February 3 , 2015

Reflector for Mac 1.6.6 is Available

Reflector for Mac version 1.6.6 is now available. This update removes an AirPlay conflict error popup that prevented some users from using the application. The error is now silently written to the log.

Full release notes for version 1.6.6 can be found here: http://www.airsquirrels.com/reflector/release-notes/mac/

You can download this update by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the Reflector menu. The new version of Reflector can also be downloaded from here: http://www.airsquirrels.com/reflector/download/

January 14 , 2015

Squirrels School - Lesson #2: Mirror an iPad or iPhone to Fire TV


Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick have a number of features, and both are a great, inexpensive addition to any home theater. The devices include some mirroring via Miracast, but other devices are natively left out.

Enter: Reflector.

Mirroring your iPhone or iPad to a Fire TV is easy! Installing Reflector on a Fire TV or Fire TV stick allows you to mirror an iPad, iPod or iPhone to the device.

To get Reflector for Fire TV, head over to Fire TV search and search for Reflector. (We would give you a link, but the Fire TV doesn’t support linking to apps!) Purchase, download and install Reflector.



To run Reflector, simply open the application like you would anything else. You’ll be prompted with the Reflector splash screen where you can change the AirPlay name and set or change a password.


You can close this screen and Reflector will continue to run. This allows you to mirror and stream to your Fire TV at any time!

To mirror, simply open your AirPlay list, select the Fire TV and toggle the mirror switch! Need help turning on mirroring? We have you covered.


January 5 , 2015

Squirrels School - Lesson #1: How to Mirror your iOS Device to Chromecast

Our support team has gotten a number of inquiries since we released AirParrot Chromecast support; a lot of customers are wondering if we have a solution to mirror an entire iOS screen to Chromecast. Lucky for you, AirParrot 2 and Reflector make a great team! 

To begin, connect your iOS device to your Mac or PC using Reflector.

Next, open AirParrot 2. Select the display that the iPhone is being mirrored to, and then select the Chromecast device for mirroring.

Your desktop should be mirroring through Chromecast, Reflector included!


To mirror your iOS device only, open the AirParrot 2 menu. Scroll over “Applications” to change from your display to a specific application.

Click Reflector, and voila!

It’s as easy as that. Feel free to access our support knowledge base to troubleshoot any problems you have or to create a support ticket. Try AirParrot 2 and Reflector free for seven days or purchase here!

December 31 , 2014

You’ve Got the Gear… Now What?

The holidays are filled with new gear and gadgets with a lot of awesome capabilities. This year we unwrapped Apple TVs, Fire TVs, Chromecasts and iPhones.

AirParrot and Reflector take your new tech to the next level. Our software works with the latest and greatest, so you have many more ways to play with your new toys (don’t worry, we wont make you share!). 

What can you do with your new gear?

Apple TV

In addition to the many of “channels” available for Apple TV, you can also stream media and mirror other Apple device screens.

AirParrot allows you to stream any media files or mirror your Mac or PC screen to an Apple TV. Just fire up the software on your computer and select the device.

AirParrot includes other features like multiple destination support, audio only and specific app mirroring. At $14.99, AirParrot is the best way to experience your movies, music and more.


This tiny, inexpensive TV stick is already powerful, but AirParrot turns your Chromecast into a media powerhouse. Stream music or media to your Chromecast from a Mac or PC, or mirror your screen.

AirParrot works great with Chromecast and enables screen mirroring without a browser extension. Audio is even sent with the screen when mirroring!


Check out Reflector! Reflector allows you to mirror an iOS device to a Mac, PC, Android device or Amazon Fire TV. Play games on a big screen, make instructional videos, mirror side-by-side, record and more. Whether it’s work or play, Reflector is a great addition to any environment.Try Reflector free for seven days or purchase for $12.99!

Amazon Fire TV

Mirror and stream content to your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. Simply run Reflector on the Fire TV and stream content from your iPhone or computer. Even mirror your screen! If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, mirror directly from the device and share content on a bigger screen.

Streaming movies and music to Fire TV is easy. Just install AirParrot on your computer, select your Fire TV from the device list and choose your media. 

December 23 , 2014

Reflector for Android 1.1.6 is Available

An update to Reflector for Android is now available. this update resolves an issue that prevented some streamed videos from playing. The update also includes miscellaneous fixes and improvements. You can get this update by visiting the Google Play Store.

Note: This is not an update to Reflector for Fire TV. A Similar update has been submitted to Amazon and is waiting approval. 

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