July 1, 2014

Squirrels in Action: FatStax's Sales and Training with Reflector

On May 20th, FatStax posted an article sharing how they use Reflector for both sales and training purposes. 

FatStax specializes in providing mobile apps for businesses, including iPad sales apps, customized sales apps and B2B sales apps.  

With the prevalence of iPad use throughout FatStax’s sales team, Reflector has become a staple. They use the software to demo services and share videos, PDF’s and other collateral with prospective customers. Once a client is secured, they train administrators on how to manage the company’s unique app that is created.

FatStax also uses reflector to provide sales or service training for their sales reps. They recommend using the Reflector recording feature to make a recording of training sessions to share with international team members that can’t make the meeting in person. 

Corey Trojanowski, FatStax’s Marketing Communications Specialist, also uses Reflector for his marketing purposes. Check out this video he made to highlight their latest version of FatStax:

Read more at the FatStax blog and learn more about Reflector’s many features that could help sales teams become more connected. 

June 17, 2014

Squirrels in the Classroom

The Squirrels team visited Mrs. Melissa Vetrick’s 5th grade science and language arts class to see how they use Reflector with their classroom set of iPads.

She loves Reflector because it gives her the ability to walk around the classroom and monitor students while still changing the content and teaching. She also likes demonstrating assignments to all of her students simultaneously. “I used to walk around to 6 different tables to explain what the students need to do. With Reflector, I teach it once.” 

Her students love it too! They are now enthusiastic to share their projects, papers and creativity with the entire class. In one assignment, Mrs. Vetrick used the Educreations app to have groups of students create individual steps for the scientific method. Once finished, the entire class had to collaborate and put all of the steps together and present their end result with Reflector.

We had a great time and thank Mrs. Vetrick and her class for letting us come to their school. Check out some of the pictures we took during our visit:






May 14, 2014

Squirrels in Action: Reflector and UX testing

Barry Briggs, user experience consultant, featured Reflector on his UX Blog earlier this month. 

In three separate mobile usability tests, Briggs used  Reflector for iOS screen mirroring to send video to his Mac.

He incorporated other software for added functionality:

  •  Silverback, a guerrilla usability testing software for designers and developers to capture his desktop
  • iSight audio and video 
  • A device-mounted webcam to capture the user’s hands and screen interactions

Check out Barry’s post for more video demos of Reflector in action,  and his blog for more UX testing and tips.

May 7, 2014

Squirrels in Action: Slingshot shares an endoscopy

Over the years we’ve seen our apps do some amazing things, and the innovative ways people continue to use them never ceases to amaze us.

On Saturday, May 3rd we received this tweet from Ajith George, head and neck surgeon and managing director of endoscope-i Ltd.

endoscope-i is an iPhone adapter and app that allows endoscopic images to be viewed on an iPhone. Using our recently launched Slingshot service to wirelessly share his iPhone screen, Ajith’s colleague Chris Coulson was able to share a rigid otoscopy from Birmingham, England while Ajith watched from Melbourne, Australia.

We thank Ajith for sharing his experience with Slingshot!

We love to hear how our products impact the productivity of our users. If you have a story you would like to share, tweet or email us!

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