New Ditto Update Brings Zero-Touch Deployment, Reporting Metrics to Screen Mirroring

Introducing zero-touch deployment and reporting metrics for Ditto screen mirroring. Quickly deploy Ditto across your organization and see how people use it. Discover all the updates here.


ClassHub Winter 2019 Update


ClassHub Winter 2019 Update

The ClassHub Winter 2019 Update brings a more intuitive interface, streamlined user experience and improved Class Manager performance.

View our full breakdown of the Winter 2019 Update with images and explanations here.

What's new in ClassHub:

  • Redesigned Class Manager
  • Screen Peek toggle remains visible at all times
  • Easy access to browser locking
  • Smart search suggestions for apps
  • Class List is organized by school period, displays active indicator lights and shows active teacher names
  • Customizable class settings, including class nicknames and custom alerts
  • Ability to send custom alert messages with device lock
  • Ability to add webpages, custom alerts and apps to a “Favorites” menu
  • Ability to customize titles of favorite web pages
  • Ability to view recent history for webpages, custom alerts and apps
  • Ability to push and lock devices into teacher’s screen simultaneously
  • Ability to mirror a specific application or window only
  • Ability to show or hide the student list by clicking the ClassHub logo button
  • Numerous stability improvements and performance optimizations

See every new feature in action right here.

As always, if you have questions, visit our Knowledge Base.

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