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New Ditto Update Brings Zero-Touch Deployment, Reporting Metrics to Screen Mirroring


Ditto zero-touch deployment and reporting metrics

Setting up technology in a single conference room can take weeks. What if your organization has 50, 100, or 1000 conference rooms or classrooms? IT departments have enough to do already — manually installing software a thousand times over just won’t cut it.

That’s why our latest Ditto screen mirroring update makes large-scale deployments easier than ever. Now you can quickly and simply set up Ditto using a compatible device management system. Plus, generate reporting metrics so you know exactly how your users interact with Ditto.

Zero-touch Deployments at Scale

With Ditto receivers already installed in each meeting space or classroom, you can remotely deploy Ditto software to your entire organization in minutes.

The Ditto Account Portal includes deployment options for popular device management providers — Jamf Pro and Cisco Meraki — and allows you to add your own.

Access deployment options inside the Ditto Account Portal by going to My Organization > Deployment.

Ditto mass deployment instructions

Quickly deploy and configure Ditto to all receivers in your organization, even in different buildings and locations. Admins can auto-create rooms and link Ditto receivers to those rooms with the touch of a button.

Reporting Metrics

The Ditto Account Portal now shows a number of reporting metrics about an organization’s Ditto usage in a given time period. Dig into the metrics to see how Ditto is being adopted and used across your organization. Generate reports for the following:

  • How many times users mirrored a device
  • The average amount of time of each screen mirroring session
  • The total amount of time all users spent screen mirroring
  • How users are connecting to Ditto

View reporting metrics inside the Ditto Account Portal by going to My Organization > Reports.

Ditto reporting metrics

These updates are introduced automatically in the Ditto Account Portal and are available today.

We’re always working to make your work more efficient and more productive, so keep an eye on our blog to never miss an update.

Ditto makes presenting wireless and easy at any scale.

Introducing a Dramatically Faster and More Secure Ditto
Ditto Update Introduces Deployment, Reporting Features

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