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Learn how to wirelessly screen mirror and stream a Windows Surface Pro to a computer or projector with this quick how-to guide.

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How To View and Record On-screen Taps with Mouse Support in iPadOS


Your iPad is a great tool for light use at home and in the office. But to be truly productive, sometimes you need a little more control. The new iPadOS takes productivity to the next level with a great new feature: mouse support.

Starting in the new iPadOS, you can use a mouse with an iPad to show your cursor and clicks on screen (finally!). While you can't specifically show finger taps, connecting a mouse allows you to show precisely where you interact with your iPad.

Our guide below shows you how.

Mouse support is a must-have for people who record instructional videos, demos and other content on mobile devices. If you need to screen mirror and show on-screen clicks, the best way to do it is with the app Reflector 3.

How on-screen clicks work in iPadOS

The new iPadOS supports the ability to connect Bluetooth devices like a wireless mouse. On-screen clicks and mouse support are accessibility options inside AssistiveTouch — the settings on your iPad or iOS device that customize how you interact with your screen. We break down how to customize your mouse buttons, cursor color, cursor size and more in this guide on our blog.

The default on-screen cursor is a gray circle with an outer ring that flashes white when clicked:

Mouse support on iPad

Important: The mouse cursor disappears if you try to take a screenshot on your iPad. However, you can use Reflector to take a screenshot displaying the mouse cursor. More on that later.

iPad screenshot showing mouse cursor
Screenshots with Reflector show the mouse cursor.

How to show on-screen clicks on your iPad

Step 1

Open Settings on your iPad.

Step 2

Scroll down and tap “Accessibility.”

iPad Accessibility Settings

Step 3

Under Physical and Motor, tap “Touch.” Then tap “AssistiveTouch.”

iPad AssistiveTouch

 Toggle AssistiveTouch on.

iPad AssistiveTouch toggled on

Step 4

Scroll down and tap “Pointing Devices.”

iPad Pointing Devices settings

Step 5

Ensure your Bluetooth mouse is on and discoverable. Then tap “Bluetooth Devices…” on your iPad. From here you can set up a Bluetooth mouse.

iPad Bluetooth Devices list

Step 6

Tap the name of your mouse when it appears under the devices list.

iPad Bluetooth mouse connected

When you’re prompted, tap “Pair.” Some Bluetooth devices will ask for a pairing code. Usually this is just “0000” but if your device requires a different code, check your manufacturer’s documentation.

iPad Bluetooth Pairing Code

Now your Bluetooth mouse is paired and will display a circular cursor on your iPad.

iPad with connected Bluetooth mouse cursor

How to record video on your iPad

You have a couple options to show on-screen clicks in a video screen recording. To record your iPad screen natively, tap the record button in Control Center. For more customizations and control, use Reflector to record and screen mirror to a larger display. View our quick step-by-step guide to screen mirroring and recording an iPad to your computer. It’s easy.

Windows computer screen mirroring iPad

How to customize your Bluetooth mouse

You have a lot of options to change how your mouse looks and feels on your iPad. Learn how to modify the actions your mouse buttons perform, adjust your tracking speed and change the size and color of your cursor with our comprehensive guide to customizing your mouse in iPadOS.

Pro Tips:

To take a screenshot that shows the mouse cursor, just click the camera icon in the Reflector menu bar above your device. You can then name and save the image to your computer.

Screen mirroring iPad with screenshot button

If you want to turn off the floating AssistiveTouch button, toggle off the “Always Show Menu” option in the AssistiveTouch menu. When your Bluetooth mouse is connected, the floating AssistiveTouch button will disappear.

AssistiveTouch Menu toggle iPad

Get Reflector today to mirror and record all your devices, including Android, Chromebook and Windows.

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