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November 21, 2017

Introducing Reflector 3 and Reflector Teacher screen-mirroring receivers

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Today we’re launching two new applications: Reflector 3 and Reflector Teacher. Both apps build on our previous screen-mirroring experience and customer feedback to create refined, faster and more reliable screen-mirroring.


SALE $11.99 →
Regular $14.99


SALE $11.99 →
Regular $14.99

What’s new?

In addition to AirPlay and Google Cast mirroring from iOS, Android and Chrome OS, Reflector 3 accepts Miracast connections. 

These new versions of our Reflector screen-mirroring software are compatible with a new set of devices that were not previously able to mirror to Reflector 2. Miracast is compatible with Reflector 3 and Reflector Teacher on most Windows 10 computers.

Under-the-hood improvements 
This generation of screen-mirroring technology introduces greatly improved speed, performance and stability. Faster connections and a more reliable screen mirroring experience should be expected.

iPhone X Frames
A new display engine allows Reflector 3 to display the edge-to-edge iPhone X screen with a frame.

Messages Image(3080221825).png

Instantly take full-resolution screenshots of any connected device.

Windows-Specific Upgrades
On Windows, Reflector 3 is located near the Start button instead of the system tray by the clock where Reflector 2 was located. Connected devices are now visible in a window instead of a pop-up menu. This makes devices easier to locate and manage.

Interface and Experience Updates
Reflector 3 was redesigned for modern operating systems and includes interface updates that make mirroring and managing connected devices easier. Common user actions are easier to find and use.


What’s Reflector Teacher?

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Reflector Teacher is an education-streamlined version of the Reflector software that educators use to wirelessly display iPads, Chromebooks and other devices in the classroom.

Since Reflector technology is already used in more than 100,000 classrooms worldwide, it only made sense to create an education-specific version of Reflector.

Reflector Teacher includes:

  • Reflector Student compatibility
  • Reflector Director compatibility
  • Preconfigured settings ideal for classrooms

Other education-focused enhancements are planned for the coming months. 


Get Reflector 3 or Reflector Teacher today!

A seven-day free trial of both apps is available, but hurry, launch pricing is ends soon!

Reflector 3 and Reflector Teacher are regularly available for $14.99 USD. For a limited time, users can receive 20% off their purchase at the Squirrels online store.

Upgrade pricing is available for anyone who previously purchased Reflector 2. Simply open Reflector 2 and check for updates to receive an upgrade offer.


SALE $11.99 →
Regular $14.99


SALE $11.99 →
Regular $14.99

For more information about both apps, visit

November 14, 2017

Introducing DropStream: A New Way to Stream Media


DropStream allows users to drag and drop media content to wirelessly stream it from their computers to bigger screens and louder speakers. Seriously, it’s as easy as it sounds.

Want more power? We have you covered with playlists, subtitles, system audio streaming and more! DropStream is available today for $9.99, or you can try it free for 7 days.


Common Receivers
DropStream can stream media to Apple TV, Chromecast, Google Cast-enabled TVs, AirPlay-enabled speakers and Chromecast Audio devices. We even support Reflector-enabled devices so Fire TVs, Android TVs and media PCs can receive streams, too.


Stream Movies
Stream all the most popular file formats in high-quality to a supported receiver. Add subtitles or choose embedded audio tracks to customize your experience.

Stream Music
Send seamless audio to any AirPlay-enabled or Chromecast Audio device — including Chromecast and Apple TV. Stream audio files, or capture and stream system audio to listen to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more.

Keep track of what you want to stream and what you’ve already streamed. Playlist management in DropStream is simple.

Diverse File Support
Stream more than 30 video, audio and image file types!


Goodbye to HDMI
The best part of DropStream is that it's completely wireless. That's right. It's finally time to get rid of the outdated HDMI cables and adapters that were used to connect computers to TVs. DropStream users don't need them anymore.

Stream from anywhere in the room. From the couch. From the dining room table. From bed. It's up to you. 

And more
DropStream is the perfect tool for media enthusiasts, binge watchers and anybody who is tired of consuming media on small screens with bad speakers. It's time to throw away the outdated cables and adapters. Watch your favorite shows or listen to your favorite music how you want, where you want.

Discover DropStream →

September 27, 2017

AirParrot 2.7.3 for Mac and Windows is Now Available

A new AirParrot 2 update is now available for all Mac and Windows users.

You can update AirParrot 2 by selecting “Check for Updates” from the AirParrot 2 preferences menu. Additionally, you can download the new version from the AirParrot 2 download page.

AirParrot for Mac 2.7.3 update notes:

  • Added compatibility with tvOS 11
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements

AirParrot for Windows 2.7.3 update notes:

  • Added compatibility with tvOS 11
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements
August 30, 2017

How Reflector 2 and ClassHub Work Together


Reflector and ClassHub are two very different classroom technologies. One is a simple device screen-mirroring application. The other is an advanced device management and monitoring solution. However, there are certain Reflector settings educators can adjust to optimize screen mirroring in ClassHub.

The ClassHub Classroom Manager is built in our Reflector software. Teachers access the Classroom Manager by first opening Reflector and then clicking on the ClassHub icon. Since Reflector is already used in more than 100,000 classrooms around the world, it made sense to build the teacher-facing part of ClassHub in a program that many educators are familiar with.

Teachers use the Classroom Manager to perform a wide range of student device monitoring and management actions such as Screen Peek, Screen Push, Screen Mirror, Lock Device, Send Message and more. By tweaking the following Reflector settings, educators can make sure student devices connect and display the way they want them to while using ClassHub to instruct, monitor or engage students.


Connection preferences

Adjust device connection preferences in the Reflector settings to change how student devices are displayed upon connection. Educators can:

  • Allow a student device to connect to ClassHub and display on-screen immediately
  • Allow a student device to connect to ClassHub but leave the device hidden from the screen
  • Require approval from the teacher before a device can connect

Teachers should select the connection option that works best for their classroom, students and instructional strategy. Allowing a student device to display upon connection is the fastest way to share content with the class, but there may be times when a teacher wants to spot-check the content on a student’s device before sharing it with the class. Alternatively, a teacher may not want a student to have the ability to connect at all. The connection preferences accommodate all of the above scenarios.

Go to Preferences > Connection > On Connection

RF Connection Preferences.png

Show client name

This setting allows teachers to show or hide device names when a student connects a device. The student’s device name appears on the screen along with the connected device. Depending on the nature of the activity, a teacher may want to show device names to increase accountability or turn names off to maintain anonymity.

There are three options for showing a device name:

  • Always—when a device connects, the device name will appear and stay on the screen
  • On Hover—the device name will appear when the mouse hovers over the device
  • Off—the device name does not appear

 Go to Preferences> General > Show Client Name

Which is better for your students?


Always on top

Selecting this setting will automatically place mirrored devices on top of all other open windows and applications on the teacher’s computer. For example, if a student using an iPad connects his or her device to the teacher’s computer, the mirrored image of that device will display on top of the Classroom Manager, a Safari browser, a Microsoft Office application and anything else on the teacher’s screen.

A teacher may want this capability to quickly place an emphasis on the device that just connected. If the teacher’s computer is connected to a projector, or if the teacher is using Screen Push, then everyone in the room will see the recently mirrored device immediately.

Go to Preferences > General > Click “Always on top”  RF General Preferences.png

Get ClassHub

If you are interested in bringing ClassHub to your school or district, contact us today. A representative from our team will be in touch to answer any questions you have about ClassHub, schedule a demo or walk you through the process.

August 28, 2017

Reflector for Android 2.7.2 is Available

Reflector for Android version 2.7.2 is now available on the Google Play Store.

This update improves network discovery and includes a number of stability improvements. 
Full release notes:

  • Resolved discovery issues on some Android and Fire devices
  • Added improved messaging when another app is using ports Reflector 2 needs to function
  • Resolved issue when AirPlay streaming videos
  • Lots of miscellaneous stability improvements

This update also applies to Amazon Fire TV. Fire TV users should expect the update to be available soon.

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