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Ditto Screen-Sharing Service Receives Update


DittoTypeGreyRGB.pngA new Ditto update is now live. This update includes:

Apple TV tvOS 10.2 Support - This update adds compatability with Apple's latest update for Apple TV, tvOS 10.2. 

Device Verification - Ditto can now connect to Apple TVs using the Device Verification feature. This feature requires users input a one-time code to begin sharing their screen to the Apple TV. After they enter the code once, they generally will not be prompted again until they visit again to connect.  

Other improvements include:
  • Improved compatibility with Reflector 2 on Android Devices
  • Added volume adjsutment on Windows
  • Fixed a potential long delay on launching on Windows
  • Numerous stabiltiy improvements and bug fixes
AirParrot 2.7 for Mac and Windows is Now Available
Reflector for Android 2.7.1 is Available

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