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How To Screen Mirror iPhone on iOS 17

Discover the best and easiest ways to screen mirror an iPhone running iOS 17 to TVs, interactive whiteboards, Apple TVs, projectors and other displays.

8 Reasons We Loved 2018 🎊


Team Squirrels_Holiday Party

2018 brought a lot of change to Squirrels. New challenges, projects and faces made this a year to remember.

Here are eight reasons we loved 2018:

1. In our prime

We hit the ground running in January when our supercomputer helped find and verify the largest prime number ever discovered at over 23 million digits. It’s just one of the many ways our hardware accomplished some curiously inspiring stuff. You’re welcome, world.

Squirrels Supercomputer

2. Winning awards in Believeland

In February, we received the Cleveland Technology Award as an established tech firm. We have an undying pride for Northeast Ohio, and we’re honored to be recognized amongst our Buckeye-loving peers as creators of meaningful, transformative technology.

3. Retreating to the Hills

Our company retreat is all about making our culture and processes the best they can be as we grow, expand and create new products. This year we sojourned to beautiful Hocking Hills, Ohio, spending our time planning, strategizing and bonding as a team:



4. #SquirrelsTurns10

Squirrels turned 10 years old in September! We gathered our friends, family and the local community at Squirrels headquarters to celebrate a decade of making technology to go nuts for.

Check out the photo album here.

Missed out on what #SquirrelsTurns10 means to us? Take a gander at our blog series sharing our story, passion and history here at Squirrels.

Squirrels Partners

5. Speaking of anniversaries…

#SquirrelsChat turned two this year! #SquirrelsChat is a monthly Twitter conversation where the Squirrels team, Alpha Squirrels and educators from around the world share resources, tips and stories. We champion educators who use technology in the classroom effectively, and this Twitter chat, launched two years ago in November, brings their good ideas and expertise to a larger audience, where anyone can learn something helpful and new.

6. Hardware, powered by the blockchain

2018 saw the official launch of our hardware division, Squirrels Research Labs (SQRL). Focused on FPGA acceleration, our first-of-its-kind hardware augments blockchain applications like cryptocurrency mining. The new year has even more exciting applications in store, so look out, world.

7. Holiday traditions

Squirrels wouldn’t be Squirrels without holiday traditions. Our 2018 Chili Cook-off was one of our biggest (and most delicious) yet – with a tasty β€œThe Office”-themed chili going for gold. Our holiday party was merry and bright, bringing together employees, partners and friends to share in a snazzy evening of Secret Santa gift giving and revelry. We even squeezed in time for a white elephant gift exchange.

8. New members joining our ranks

When people talk about Squirrels, the word β€œgrowth” often comes up in conversation. It’s one of our driving forces: growing together as a team, growing the scope of our tech and growing the skills of our employees. It’s how we went from two guys in a basement office to nearly 50 employees in a campus headquarters and warehouse.

Team Squirrels

2018 was a year of team milestones. We added 17 people to the Squirrels team, and five employees celebrated their five-year workiversary with us. We’re so excited they can share in our growth and success as we move into 2019. And yes, we’re hiring!

Cheers to a bright new year. 🎊
β€”Team Squirrels 

Squirrels Chili Cook-off 2018: Fussing Over Spilled Chili - Featured Image
Squirrels Chili Cook-off 2018: Fussing Over Spilled Chili
Squirrels Wins 2019 Cleveland Technology Award - Featured Image
Squirrels Wins 2019 Cleveland Technology Award
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