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Ditto Adds Digital Signage Management Features


Ditto Changelog Product Updates

This Ditto Account Portal update gives admins more digital signage management capabilities. Discover what's new. 

Digital signage management: 

A "Select All" option was added as a Ditto digital signage list management function in the Ditto Account Portal. This gives admins the option to mass select all digital signage items within a specific list. Previously, users had to manually select each individual item.

In addition, a "Delete" option was added as a primary digital signage list management function. Admins can now duplicate, hide, move or delete digital signage items in bulk.

These updates make it easier to build and maintain Ditto digital signage lists.

Unsaved changes warning: 

Users will now be prompted with a warning message when leaving a section of the Ditto Account Portal with unsaved changes. This safety net will reduce work being lost prior to saving.

Here's a snapshot of what’s new in Ditto:

Ditto Account Portal

  • Added a “Select All” checkbox to allow users to select all of the digital signage items in a signage list
  • Added “Delete” as a bulk option for digital signage items in a signage list
  • Added an unsaved changes warning when a user leaves a section of the account portal with unsaved edits
  • Maintenance and UI updates

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