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How To Screen Mirror iPhone With iOS 16

Screen mirror an iPhone running iOS 16 in a few easy steps and learn how to mirror iPhone 14 to Mac or Windows computers.


Ditto Adds Screen Mirroring to Chrome Web Browser


Ditto Changelog Product Updates

The latest Ditto update adds the ability to initiate screen mirroring from the Chrome web browser on Chrome OS, Mac and Windows devices.  

Visit Ditto Connect — via the Chrome web browser — to begin. This enables users who do not have the downloadable Ditto Connect app to screen mirror to Ditto receivers

Note: You need the latest version of your Ditto receiver app and the latest version of the Chrome web browser. Allow a few minutes when establishing a connection for the first time. 

See a detailed breakdown of this release:

Here's a snapshot of what’s new in Ditto:

Ditto Connect for Web

  • Added the ability to screen mirror from the Chrome web browser on Chrome OS, Mac and Windows devices.

Visit our Knowledge Base if you have questions.

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Ditto Receiver Updates Improve Performance, Add Requested Feature
Ditto Connect Update Adds Receiver Selection

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