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How To Screen Mirror iPhone With iOS 16

Screen mirror an iPhone running iOS 16 in a few easy steps and learn how to mirror iPhone 14 to Mac or Windows computers.


Reflector 4.0.3 is Available | New iPhone 13 and iPad Device Frames


Reflector 4 New Update

The latest Reflector 4 release adds new iPhone 13 and iPad device frames, brings updated UI elements, improves the connection process on macOS Monterey and more!

Download the latest version of Reflector here or in the app.

New Apple device frames:

The new Reflector 4 release adds the new iPhone 13 and iPad device frames when mirroring. These new frames meet the specific specs for the new Apple devices and maintain a seamless screen mirroring experience.

new iOS frames added to the latest Reflector 4 updated

Reflector 4 and native AirPlay:

Reflector 4 runs simultaneously with native AirPlay on macOS Monterey. If the native receiver is enabled, you can connect to either seamlessly.

We updated the default Reflector naming convention that is shown in screen mirroring destination lists. When a user is trying to mirror a device to Reflector 4 on Mac, they will now see "(RF4)" before the name of their macOS device in the list. This allows users to easily differentiate between Reflector 4 and native AirPlay on macOS Monterey during the connection process. The icons will also be different. Users can change the default name of their Reflector receiver in the Reflector settings menu.  

What's new in Reflector 4.0.3 on macOS:

  • Released new iPhone 13 and iPad device frames
  • Implemented changes to better differentiate Reflector 4 on macOS from native AirPlay on macOS Monterey during the connection process. When connecting to Reflector 4, users will see "(RF4)" before their macOS device name in the list of available screen mirroring destinations by default. This can be edited by changing the device name in the Reflector 4 settings menu. 
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

What's new in Reflector 4.0.3 on Windows:

  • Released new iPhone 13 and iPad device frames
  • Updated UI elements for a better user experience on Windows 11
  • Improved fullscreen mode and device orientation on Windows 11
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Miracast P2P-compatible devices from connecting to Reflector 4 on Windows 11
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

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