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How To Screen Mirror iPhone on iOS 17

Discover the best and easiest ways to screen mirror an iPhone running iOS 17 to TVs, interactive whiteboards, Apple TVs, projectors and other displays.

Replace Intel Unite with Ditto


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Intel announced that it is discontinuing the Intel Unite wireless collaboration solution on December 31, 2023. All users need to find an Intel Unite alternative by that date.

Time remaining to transition from Intel Unite

66d 9h 40m 51s

Ditto has already replaced thousands of Intel Unite deployments

Intel Unite users are switching to Ditto to ensure a smooth transition and save time, money and resources. Ditto is a seamless Intel Unite alternative for wireless collaboration because it runs on the same hardware. Organizations that switch to Ditto avoid the costs and efforts required to acquire and deploy new devices.

Better yet, Ditto is equipped with many of the same features that Intel Unite users rely on…and more.

✔️ Share content to multiple screens ✔️ Digital signage
✔️ Share content from multiple devices to one screen ✔️ Custom asset branding
✔️ Annotations ✔️ On-screen emergency alerts
✔️ Moderator controls ✔️ Remote management
✔️ Device, app and browser mirroring ✔️ Enterprise-grade security
✔️ Compatibility with restrictive networks ✔️ Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Chrome OS


Join our thriving Ditto community

Businesses and schools around the world use Ditto to wirelessly share, present and collaborate. Get started with Ditto today to keep your spaces collaboration-ready. 


Want Ditto? Contact us!

We'll help you switch from Intel Unite.


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