Screen Mirror Multiple Devices to Apple TV with Latest Ditto tvOS Update

This Ditto update allows you to screen mirror up to four devices at the same time to an Apple TV.

Screen Mirroring

Feel Like That Meeting Was a Waste of Time? You're Not Alone [With Infographic]


The real cost of unproductive meetings

Do you dread checking your work calendar each morning? Do you scroll through the list of meeting requests, rescheduled start times, location changes and let out an exasperated sigh?

If you shudder at the sheer number of meetings you attend, you’re not alone. Fourteen billion meetings are held each year in the U.S.

14 billion meetings take place every yearCheck out our infographic that breaks down the real cost of unproductive business meetings.

By the numbers

The financials are even more startling: Unproductive meetings cost businesses $399 billion per year. That’s a whole lot of cash going down the drain.

Unproductive meetings cost 399 Billion dollars per yearWhat’s the problem here? What makes meetings go bad?

What’s plaguing meetings?

A lot of things can turn a meeting into an unproductive time suck, but technology problems are the real meeting killers.

Technology problems kill employee engagementThe good news

Companies can re-engage employees and prevent lost time and business. You don't have to be impeded by unneeded status updates, unnecessary communication and an unruly work calendar. See the real cost of meetings and — more importantly — what you can do about it in our infographic.

The Real Cost of Unproductive Meetings

(It's more than you think.)

Get the Infographic

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