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Screen Mirroring

How to Screen Mirror iOS 13 iPhone to a Mac or Windows Computer Wirelessly


iOS 13 makes it easy to share content from your iPhone. In just a few taps, you can screen mirror your iPhone wirelessly so everyone can see what’s on your screen.

To screen mirror your iPhone to your computer, all you need to do is add one app to your computer: Reflector 3. Reflector is an app that makes screen mirroring simple, easy and completely wireless — no need for cords or cables.

Mirror photos, videos and your entire iPhone screen to your computer in real time with Reflector. Our guide shows you how:



Want to become a screen-mirroring expert? Here’s everything you need to know.

Still using iOS 12? We have a screen-mirroring guide for that, too.

How to screen mirror your iOS 13 iPhone to your computer:

Step 1

Download and install Reflector on your computer. It’s available for both macOS and Windows.

Step 2

Connect your computer and iPhone to the same wifi network.

Step 3

Open Reflector on your computer. 

Reflector running on a MacBook

Step 4

On your iPhone, swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to open Control Center. Tap "Screen Mirroring."

iPhone Control Center

Step 5

Scroll through the list of receivers and select where you want to mirror your screen. If you’re using Reflector, this will be the name of your computer.

iPhone Screen Mirroring Receivers

That’s it! Now you’re wirelessly screen mirroring your iPhone with iOS 13.

If you want to screen mirror to another display like an Apple TV, the steps to connect will remain the same. All you have to do is choose the name of your Apple TV or other wireless receiver from the screen mirroring list.

iPhone screen mirroring to MacBook with Reflector


With Reflector, you can take screenshots and record your devices. Just click the camera icon or the red button above your connected device to snap a photo or record video of its screen.

Reflector Recording iPhone Screen

If you want to screen mirror to a projector or TV, simply connect your Reflector-enabled computer to the projector or TV with an HDMI cord. You’ll be wirelessly mirroring your device to the big screen in seconds.

Screen mirror more than iOS 13

Reflector lets you screen mirror iPads, Android devices, Chromebooks and other devices. You can even mirror different devices at the same time.

Reflector screen mirroring iPad and Samsung Galaxy on a MacBook

Get Reflector today to mirror all of your devices to the big screen.

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