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How To Screen Mirror iPhone With iOS 16

Screen mirror an iPhone running iOS 16 in a few easy steps and learn how to mirror iPhone 14 to Mac or Windows computers.

Screen Mirroring

The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Your iPad Mouse with iPadOS Mouse Support


Customize iPad Mouse Support

In iPadOS 14, mouse support is an accessibility feature that allows you to connect and use a Bluetooth mouse with your iPad. You can learn how to set it up yourself with the step-by-step guide on our blog.

A mouse cursor on your iPad is pretty bland from the start. Luckily, you have a lot of options to customize how your mouse acts and appears on-screen. This guide shows you how.

Update: The guide below has been updated for the new iPadOS 14. If you need to screen mirror your iPad, follow this complete screen mirroring guide for iPadOS 14 here.

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Before you begin:

Each section below shows you different customization options for your Bluetooth mouse. Before you begin, make sure you’ve set up a Bluetooth mouse and connected it to your iPad.

Each guide below requires you to navigate to the AssistiveTouch settings on your iPad. Here’s how to get there:

Step 1

Open Settings on your iPad, then tap “Accessibility.”

Step 2

Under Physical and Motor, tap “Touch.” Then tap “AssistiveTouch.” Ensure AssistiveTouch is toggled on.

iPad opening AssistiveTouch

How to customize mouse buttons on your iPad

You can customize what actions the buttons on your mouse perform. Follow these steps to set specific buttons to open Control Center, go to the home screen, open Siri and more.

Step 1

Inside AssistiveTouch, tap "Pointing Devices."

Step 2

Tap “Bluetooth Devices…” and then tap the “i” symbol next to the name of your connected Bluetooth mouse.

Step 3

Tap “Customize Mouse Buttons.”

Step 4

Select the button on your mouse you’d like to customize.

Step 5

Choose from the list which action you’d like the button to perform.

iPad opening Customize Mouse Buttons menu

How to change the color of your iPad mouse pointer

Adjusting the pointer's cursor color will only change the border of the ring, but it can be useful from an accessibility and aesthetic perspective.

Step 1

Inside of AssistiveTouch, tap “Pointer Control.”

Step 2

Under Appearance, tap “Color.”

Step 3

Choose which color you prefer for the pointer.

iPad changing Bluetooth mouse pointer color

How to change the border width of your iPad mouse pointer

This will change the width of the outer ring of the cursor. This option is in the same location as color settings.

Step 1

Inside of AssistiveTouch, tap “Pointer Control.”

Step 2

Under Appearance, tap “Color.”

Step 3

Move the slider to adjust the pointer's border width.

iPad changing Bluetooth mouse pointer border width

How to change the size of your iPad mouse pointer

Step 1

Inside of AssistiveTouch, tap “Pointer Control.”

Step 2

Under Pointer Size, you can drag the slider from small to large to adjust the size of your mouse cursor.

iPad changing pointer size

How to change the scrolling speed of your iPad mouse pointer

Step 1

Inside of AssistiveTouch, tap “Pointer Control.”

Step 2

Under Scrolling Speed, adjust the slider from slow to fast. Move your mouse around to determine what scrolling speed is best for you.

iPad changing pointer scrolling tracking speed

Need to screen mirror or record your iPad and mouse? Check out this helpful video.

Looking to customize your iPhone mouse setup? Check out this guide.

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