September 22, 2016

How to Record iOS 10 iPads and iPhones

Recording the screen of any iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 is simple with the Reflector screen-sharing software.

Once you wirelessly connect your iOS 10 device to your Mac or PC, simply press the “Record” button on the iOS 10 device on your computer (shown below). Alternatively, you can begin recording an iPhone or iPad from the Reflector menu (also shown below).

Record iPhone Zoom

Stop Menu Zoom

Once you are done recording your iOS device, simply press the “Stop” button. Then select where to save the mp4 file on your Mac or PC.

Reflector provides voiceover support so you can include your voice with a device recording. This feature is often used in tutorials, presentations, lesson plans and mobile app reviews. In addition, you can enable your Facetime HD Webcam from the Reflector menu to include a video of yourself with the mobile device recording.

Pro tip: You can connect and record multiple iOS devices at the same time. This is ideal for educators and mobile gamers who may need to display and record multiple devices simultaneously.

September 16, 2016

Grab iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Frames for Reflector 2

As new iPhones roll out across the globe today, you might be wondering, “Will I be able to record my new Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus screen with a frame using Reflector 2?”

The answer is yes. Yes, you will.

Keeping with tradition, we’re excited to add iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus frames to Reflector 2 just as happy techies and phone addicts are receiving them.

iPhone 7 Frames in Reflector 2

This update is available now for current Reflector 2 users. Simply select “Check for Updates” from the Reflector 2 preferences menu or download the new version from the Reflector 2 download page.

September 13, 2016

Reflector for Android 2.2 is Available

Reflector for Android version 2.2 is now available on the Google Play Store. This update adds iOS 10 compatibility and allows iOS 10 mirroring to your Android device.

You can download the update by visiting the Google Play Store on your Android device.

This update also applies to Amazon Fire TV. Fire TV users should expect the update to be available soon.

Note: Reflector for Android turns your Android device into an iOS receiver. It allows you to wirelessly display your iPad or iPhone screen on your Android device. Interested? Learn more about Reflector 2 for Android.

September 12, 2016

Upgrade to AirParrot 2 for Uninterrupted Screen Mirroring

In 2014, we introduced AirParrot 2 — a completely rebuilt, supercharged and feature-packed version of the original AirParrot. We continued support for AirParrot for quite some time, but that time has come to an end. We will no longer be updating the original version of AirParrot.

The original version of AirParrot will not be compatible with new operating systems or the latest versions of the Apple TV. The release of tvOS 10 makes AirParrot incompatible with the fourth generation Apple TV, and the release of macOS Sierra will render certain parts of the application unusable.

AirParrot 2 will continue to receive operating system and receiver compatibility updates. We encourage you to upgrade to AirParrot 2 to ensure uninterrupted screen sharing.

AP to AP2 Upgrade

Want to know more about AirParrot 2?

AirParrot 2 includes a number of new features over its predecessor.

Media Streaming

Stream media files to your TV for a buffer- and stutter-free experience. Streamed media supports 5.1 audio!

New Receiver Support

Connect to Chromecast, Apple TV and Reflector-enabled devices. AirParrot 2 enables streaming and mirroring to a variety of devices.

AirParrot Remote

Remotely control AirParrot 2 with your iPhone or iPad. Easily control what’s being sent from your computer to Apple TV or Chromecast without touching your keyboard or mouse.

Multiple Destinations

Connect to multiple receivers of any type at the same time. Stream your favorite movies to every TV in the house!

…and more!

AirParrot 2 is a huge upgrade over the original version. We made a number of improvements and added a ton of new features. AirParrot 2 is available from our online store.