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How To Screen Mirror iPhone on iOS 17

Discover the best and easiest ways to screen mirror an iPhone running iOS 17 to TVs, interactive whiteboards, Apple TVs, projectors and other displays.

Ditto Debuts Digital Signage Roles Feature


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The arrival of digital signage roles in the Ditto Account Portal brings signage creation and management capabilities to more people in your organization. Better yet, it enables Ditto admins to spend less time updating digital signage.

Individuals with Ditto Account Portal access can now be added to digital signage roles. A signage role gives people the ability to create and manage digital signage in identified Ditto rooms. All other Ditto account settings for rooms, receivers, billing, alerts, etc., cannot be viewed or edited. 

Signage roles give people the power to maintain digital signage in their own spaces without Ditto admins worrying about critical Ditto account settings being edited.  

Note that the default Ditto system roles — Admin and User — maintain the same levels of account access as before and have access to all digital signage in the account. 

  • Admins have access to the entire Ditto Account Portal

  • Users have access to the entire Ditto Account Portal except billing, roles and users

Digital signage roles in action

Creating a digital sIgnage role in Ditto

A Ditto admin at a school district could create a new signage role titled "Forester Primary School" and add the Ditto rooms located at that school to this new role. The admin could then invite teachers or an IT specialist at Forester Primary School to join the Ditto Account Portal and add them to that role. These individuals would now be able to create and manage digital signage for the identified rooms.

Signage roles can be segmented as much as desired. A signage role could be created for a single teacher in a specific classroom or a group of teachers in a specific department.  

Likewise, a Ditto admin at a large corporation could create signage roles for specific departments, such as the marketing or sales departments. Team members in those departments would then be able to manage the signage in Ditto rooms assigned to their role. 

How to use digital signage roles

Want more details? Discover how to create roles and improve your organization’s digital signage management with Ditto today.

Learn how to use Ditto roles here

Get Ditto 

A Ditto account is required to use digital signage roles. Create an account and try Ditto free for 30 days.

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