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How To Screen Mirror iPhone on iOS 17

Discover the best and easiest ways to screen mirror an iPhone running iOS 17 to TVs, interactive whiteboards, Apple TVs, projectors and other displays.

Introducing AirParrot 3: The Most Powerful Screen Mirroring and Media Streaming Yet


AirParrot 3

It’s time for something new. 

Today we’re excited to announce the all new AirParrot 3. It’s the latest technology that advances screen mirroring and media streaming to a whole new level. 

Perfect for people working from home, on the road and in school, here’s everything new in AirParrot 3: 

The latest technology = the fastest speeds. 

AirParrot 3 reduces screen mirroring and streaming latency to 16 milliseconds at 60 frames per second. How fast is that? Your eyes take 100-400 milliseconds to blink. So it’s pretty fast. 

AirParrot 3 uses up to 50% less CPU by offloading video processing to the GPU. That means even weaker computers that struggle to display video content can use AirParrot 3 to process video faster while using less power. 

Mirror and stream faster than the blink of an eye. 

Extended Desktop for Windows.

Extended desktop comes to Windows. Fully supported on both macOS and Windows, use AirParrot 3 to extend your computer desktop to an Apple TV, Chromecast or other receiver. That means your living room TV is now your office. Working from home just got a whole lot better.

Apple HomePod. Fully Supported. 

Windows and macOS users can now stream directly to the Apple HomePod. Wirelessly send native audio and .mp3 and .mp4 files to one or many HomePods. Play those tunes anywhere in high definition. 

Audio and Video. In Maximum 4K and Surround Sound. 

AirParrot 3 streams 4K video and surround sound completely wirelessly. Immerse yourself in the highest quality picture and sound. 

A modern new look 

Beautiful icons and an updated interface. The new AirParrot 3 design matches the technology behind it: slick and powerful. 

AirParrot 3 is available now starting at $15.99. Currently using AirParrot 2? Open your app for an upgrade offer! 

Get AirParrot 3 Today!

BUY $17.99
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