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How to Add Voiceover to iPhone Screen Recordings


Record voiceover with phone screen recording

Recording instructional videos on iPhone, demonstrating apps, teaching from home and producing digital how-to content often requires voiceover narrationIt's easy to record an iPhone screen—especially with an iPhone 12—but many people find it challenging to add voiceover narration to the mix.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to narrate while recording phone and tablet content at the same time. The app Reflector allows you to record audio while screen mirroring an iPhone to a computer. In just a couple clicks, Reflector compiles your iPhone screen recording with your audio narration into one complete video.

Follow this guide to learn how. 

How to Record Your iPhone Screen with Voiceover

What you need:

  • iPhone (or other mobile device)
  • Computer
  • The computer app Reflector
  • Optional: An external microphone

Note: You can use your computer’s built-in mic, or you can plug an external microphone into your computer for better audio quality. Using your mobile device’s microphone isn’t possible.

Step 1

Download Reflector on your computer and begin screen mirroring your iPhone 12 or other iPhone or mobile device. Don't know how to screen mirror iPhone? Follow these easy iPhone screen mirroring instructions.

iPhone screen mirroring to computer with Reflector

Step 2

After you begin screen mirroring, click the drop-down arrow next to the microphone icon in the Reflector menu. Select the microphone you will use to record the voiceover. This can be your computer’s built-in microphone or an external mic connected to your computer.

Reflector Microphone Menu

Step 3

Click “Record All.” You can begin speaking into the microphone and operating your iPhone. Reflector will record the phone screen and microphone audio and combine them into a single video. 

Reflector Menu Record All

Step 4

When you’re finished recording, click “Stop” in the Reflector menu.

Reflector Menu Stop Recording

Step 5

Select where you’d like to save the video on your computer. That’s it — the video of your device screen with voiceover is complete!

Get Reflector today to mirror, record and narrate all of your devices to the big screen.

You can mirror more than iPhones. Learn more:

Share your iPhone and iPad to the big screen. Wirelessly.

Reflector makes it easy.

BUY $19.99


Last updated 1/25/22

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