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How To Screen Mirror iPhone on iOS 17

Discover the best and easiest ways to screen mirror an iPhone running iOS 17 to TVs, interactive whiteboards, Apple TVs, projectors and other displays.

How to Extend Mac Desktop to Windows


Extend Mac Desktop to Windows

Extending your Mac desktop to a Windows computer is a great way to clear up space on your screen. If you have both a Mac and Windows device and you want to make them work together to maximize your screen space, this article is for you. 

Trying to find tabs or making them smaller to fit on one screen is time-consuming and frustrating. With only one screen, it’s hard to stay organized while working on projects, attending meetings and completing assignments. 

There are numerous reasons you may want to extend your macOS desktop to a Windows computer: 

At work

Utilizing extended desktop is great when you’re working on a project at the office. For instance, your office may have a Windows device connected to a larger display. When you extend your Mac desktop to the Windows device, that larger display instantly becomes your screen space. Extended desktop is also ideal for multitasking during a video conference.  

At home

Extending your desktop to a Windows device is useful for personal projects and collaboration at home when you don’t have a designated secondary monitor.

How to extend Mac desktop to Windows

You need two apps to extend your macOS desktop to a Windows computer: AirParrot and Reflector. You can get them both at a discount when you buy the AirParrot and Reflector universal bundle.

AirParrot is a computer app that allows you to mirror content or extend your desktop to wireless receivers.  

Reflector is a computer app that allows your computer to receive incoming mirroring connections from phones, tablets and computers.  

Download AirParrot on your Mac and Reflector on your Windows computer to wirelessly extend your Mac desktop. 

Follow these step-by-step instructions to wirelessly extend your Mac desktop to a Windows computer:

Extend your macOS desktop to your Windows computer 

Step 1

Download and install AirParrot on your Mac.

Step 2

Download and install Reflector on your Windows computer. 

Step 3

Connect your Mac and Windows computers to the same wifi network.

Step 4

Open Reflector on your Windows computer.

Step 5

Open AirParrot on your Mac and select “Extend Desktop” from the dropdown menu.

AirParrot extend desktop

Step 6

In AirParrot, select the name of your Windows computer from the list.

AirParrot menu

Your macOS desktop will now be extended to your Windows computer. If you would like to extend your desktop to other wireless receivers, such as Apple TV or Chromecast, the steps are the same. Just select them from the AirParrot menu. 

Reasons you should use AirParrot and Reflector to extend your desktop: 

  • It’s wireless — no need to worry about finding the right cables.  

  • Work from anywhere. You can’t take your extra monitor to the coffee shop, but you can take your Windows Surface Pro or other Windows device. 

  • Use AirParrot to mirror your screen and share content to other wireless receivers, such as Apple TV and Chromecast. 

  • You can use Reflector to receive mirroring connections from numerous mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and many other phones and tablets. 

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Extend your desktop nearly anywhere.

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Last updated 5/3/2023

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